Naruto: Infinite Tsukuyomi explained

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An image of Madara activating Infinite Tsukuyomi in Naruto

Infinite Tsukuyomi is the most important Jutsu in Naruto as it drives the antagonist Madara Uchiha to scheme for decades. However, the very concept of this Genjutsu has always been confusing.

Ever since Madara Uchiha learned about the Infinite Tsukuyomi in Naruto, his sense of purpose has wholly distorted. Believing the never-ending dream to be the only solace in a cruel world, Madara waged war against the world.

If killing thousands of people wasn’t enough, he did his best to trap the surviving members inside an eternal dream. However, his very ideals were influenced by Black Zetsu.

To revive Kagura, Black Zetsu manipulated countless people for over a millennium and ultimately achieved his dream through Madara. Delve deeper to learn about the fundamentals of the series’ most complex Jutsu, Infinite Tsukuyomi.

What does Infinite Tsukuyomi do to its targets?

An image of the victims of Infinite Tsukuyomi in Naruto

Infinite Tsukuyomi is a type of Genjutsu capable of trapping living things within an alternate dimension, known as the “Dream World” or the “Infinite Tsukuyomi World.” In Naruto, this technique is considered the most powerful Genjutsu. 

Those under the influence of this Jutsu experience dream worlds where their deepest desires are fulfilled. Madara mindlessly believed in the concept of achieving world peace by using Infinite Tsukuyomi because Black Zetsu revised the Stone Tablet to fool him. 

Zetsu’s real goal was to use Madara as a pawn and help free Kagura from her eternal captivity on the moon. When Madara used Infinite Tsukuyomi, Zetsu forced him to absorb the Chakra of everyone caught in the illusion. He then used Madara’s body — which had absorbed the Ten-Tails’ Chakra, to free Kaguya from captivity.

How is Infinite Tsukuyomi activated in Naruto?

An image of the God Tree in Naruto

A Genjutsu that can impact the entire world requires a ridiculous amount of Chakra and can be activated using several ways. Obito used the Ten-Tails to create a God Tree. On top of the tree, a Sharingan bloomed to reflect off of the moon to cast this Jutsu on everyone. 

On the other hand, Madara used a different way to use Infinite Tsukuyomi in Naruto. He absorbed the God Tree itself and eventually awakened a Rinne-Sharingan on his forehead. He flew close to the moon and reflected his Rinne-Sharingan, which allowed him to trap the soldiers on the battlefield in eternal sleep. 

On the other hand, Kaguya did not use the full moon to cast the Infinite Tsukutomi over thousand years ago. Instead, she used her Rinnegan to create a fake moon, which activated the Genjutsu.

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