Bleach: The captivating anime-only scene explains the origin of Yhwach

Tulisha srivastava
An image of Yhwach from Bleach

Bleach TYBW returns with its Cour 2, featuring stellar animation, and begins with an anime-only scene that quickly draws the viewers’ in. Here’s how the scene explains the origin of Yhwach in Bleach.

The highly-anticipated Bleach TYBW continues as the first episode begins with an eerie visual depiction of Yhwach’s birth and life before becoming the King of Quincies. The visuals for the entire episode are stellar. The first scene sets the mood perfectly for what’s about to come.

Unlike the previous Bleach, which is popular for its comedy and cheerful vibe, the final arc is intense. Therefore, it makes sense to begin the first episode of Part 2 with scary visuals to give viewers a glimpse of what’s to expect from the rest of the season. 

It sets the mood perfectly while also explaining the past of the all-powerful Quincy King. In Bleach, Yhwach is an existence that no one else can compare to. Here’s what we know about his origin.  

Bleach TYBW’s anime-only scene reveals why Yhwach was worshipped

Just like the Bleach anime suggests, Yhwach was born to an unknown mother. As a child, he couldn’t see, hear, speak, or even move. Nonetheless, the people around him gradually began to worship him as a god. This is because anyone who would him will gain something they lack.

Born as the son of the Soul King, Yhwach is nothing less than a divine being with immeasurable power. He has the ability to share his own soul with anyone who touches him. By receiving a fragment of Yhwach’s soul, the people will be able to heal their wounds.

Although no one who received the fragments lived for long, Yhwach was always surrounded by more people as time passed. When they die, the soul fragments will return back to Yhwach, and within time, Yhwach’s body begins to gain function. He became able to do just about anything a normal person could. He was granted the unusual name “Yhwach” by his worshippers. The Quincies in Bleach are called Yhwach’s children since they have fragments of his soul with them.

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