One Piece live-action: Are the Straw Hat Pirates different from the anime?

Tulisha srivastava
An image from the One Piece live-action series

Netflix’s One Piece live-action teaser trailer has introduced all the initial members of the Straw Hat Pirates. However, are they different from their anime counterparts?

Fans have mixed reactions to the live-action version of the popular Shonen anime and manga series One Piece. Despite One Piece’s creator, Oda Eiichiro being personally involved in the casting and production, many believe that the live-action cannot do justice to the original story.

Live-action adaptations are not very well-received among anime fans, regardless of the series. Therefore, Netflix is going all out to perfectly portray the beautiful story that follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy.

The teaser trailer reveals the main cast as viewers witness the real-life versions of their favorite Straw Hats Members. Although the series’ cast cannot be completely similar to the animation, the differences are difficult to ignore.

Monkey D. Luffy

An image of Luffy in One Piece live-action and anime

The charm of One Piece’s protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, lies in his cheerfulness which seems lacking in the trailer. Luffy is a carefree, reckless pirate who dreams of becoming the Pirate King. The series starts with Luffy setting out on his own as he gathers a crew of trustworthy people. Luffy only becomes a bit mature once he experiences the difficulties of being a pirate and faces major setbacks. 

Iñaki Godoy’s adaptation of this character is great, especially the first shots in the trailer and the “Gum-Gum Pistol” scene. However, he gives a more mature vibe than Luffy was at the beginning of his journey. Although it may not be bad, fans might prefer their goofy protagonist instead of a mature one.

Pirate Hunter Zoro

An image of Zoro in One Piece

Mackenyu Arata is playing the role of Zoro in the One Piece live-action series. So far, his adaptation seems close to perfect – though not completely. Zoro has always been a serious character, though he seems to make jokes occasionally. 

However, things might be different in the One Piece live-action. The teaser features some of his fights and interactions with Nami. Just like Luffy, Mackenyu’s portrayal of Zoro seems a bit more mature. Another difference is that the live-action Zoro doesn’t yet seem to call out his attacks beforehand.

Cat Burglar Nami

An image of Nami in One Piece live-action and anime

As the most talented navigator in the entirety of One Piece, Nami plays a crucial role in Luffy’s life. Played by Emily Rudd, the live-action version of Nami seem a bit level-headed and composed, which is a drastic change from the original version. Nami’s short temper is actually a sort of comic element in the story. 

It’s what defines her personality as a strong female lead and a well-liked one at that. Just like any Straw Hat member, Nami had a lot of baggage before meeting Luffy. The transition in her character happens gradually, so the live-action may adapt her true personality later on.

Black Leg Sanji

An image of Sanji in One Piece live-action and anime

Despite being an important Straw Hat member, the One Piece live-action teaser is incredibly unfair to Sanji, who is only shown for brief moments. Compared to Zoro and Nami, Sanji doesn’t even have a dialogue, and his face is only shown for just a second. Played by Taz Skylar, the live-action Sanji misses a very important characteristic.

However, that is enough to figure out that the live-action version doesn’t have the iconic swirly eyebrows. Though these eyebrows may be nonsensical, they actually have a lot of significance in the story, especially if Netflix wants to cover his full backstory. 

Sniper Usopp

An image of Usopp in One Piece live-action and anime

Played by Jacob Romero Gibson, One Piece live-action version of Usopp also misses a distinct characteristic that is almost impossible to adapt. Usopp’s long references to the popular story of Pinocchio. Much like the story, Usopp is a liar. Hence the long nose symbolizes his habit of lying and exaggerating things without any reason. 

However, this may be a good change since the long nose will not look good in the live-action. Additionally, unlike Sanji, Usopp’s nose doesn’t have any significance in the story. Jacob is shown even more briefly compared to Sanji in the teaser. Therefore it is too soon to evaluate the differences between the live-action and anime versions.

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