One Piece’s voice actors reveal their thoughts on the live-action adaptation

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One Piece’s voice actors have been the cast of the series since the beginning. As the live-action series creates quite a buzz on the internet, the original cast reveal their thoughts about it.

Netflix’s One Piece live-action is creating quite a buzz on the internet as viewers get a glimpse of the epic tale of Luffy’s adventure. The first season series will cover the “East Blue Saga” and introduce real-life versions of our favorite characters.

Bringing animated characters and scenery to life is not an easy task. This is especially true for a series like One Piece, which is not only beautifully written but is well-received across the globe for over two decades. Therefore, a completely different adaptation is sure to attract mixed reviews, especially when live-action versions are not appreciated in the anime community.

However, the teaser clearly portrays how much effort has gone into its production. Eiichiro Oda’s approval guarantees that the series won’t be a failure like other live-action anime. However, fans had yet to hear anything about the series from One Piece’s voice actors before Anime Expo 2023. 

One Piece’s voice actors are looking forward to the live-action adaptation

An image of the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece live-action

Netflix presented a video at the Anime Expo 2023, revealing that the original voice cast will return for the live-action Japanese dub. One Piece’s voice actors include Mayumi Tanaka as Monkey D. Luffy, Kazuya Nakai as Roronoa Zoro, Akemi Okamura as Nami, Kappei Yamaguchi as Usopp, and Hiroaki Hirata as Sanji. 

Mayumi Tanaka shared her thoughts on Inaki Godoy and the series: “I’ve been voicing Luffy for more than 23 years now, and I think everyone has a little bit of Luffy in their heart. Iñaki, who performs Luffy in this live-action series, is so fun and joyful that he really makes a perfect Luffy! I’m very happy to be able to voice Luffy in this adaptation as well. 

“One Piece is a story whose words and images can resonate with you in different ways. Depending on your situation or perspective at any given moment, allowing for new discoveries all the time. And, of course, nothing would bring me greater joy than if people who’ve never experienced One Piece can become part of the family beginning with this show.” 

Kazuya Nakai expresses his joy to dub Zoro again: “Ever since I heard that Mackenyu Arata is going to play Zoro in the live-action version, I’ve been wondering about the dubbing. What kind of format would work best for people who watch it? To be honest, I was really happy when they decided to have me. The truth is, I want to do it because it’s Zoro. I’ll do my best to meet the charm of Mackenyu’s really cool Zoro.”

Akemi Okamura appreciates the chance to voice Nami again: “When I heard that a live-action version was in the making, I sincerely thought I wanted to go on an adventure in the live-action world as well! I’m really happy I get to experience it again from my first encounter with the crew. Forget the adventures we’ve had so far. And challenge the sea of adventure that spreads out in front of us with a fresh feeling.”

Kappei Yamaguchi feels nostalgic as a One Piece fan: “Years have passed since I heard that a live-action of ONE PIECE is happening! I think it was before the coronavirus was raging in the world. From that point on, as a fan of ONE PIECE, I was looking forward to its completion. However, this time I am overjoyed and excited to be able to play the beginning of an adventure with my East Blue friends again. This live-action made me realize once again that ONE PIECE and Usopp are special to me.”

Hiroaki Hirata strives to make the best team with Taz Skylar: “One Piece live-action is a little different from the manga and the anime. But, the underlying spirit is a world that everyone will want to see! A freaking awesome One Piece live-action has been made!

“I feel bad for Taz Skylar. But in Japan, there have been many versions of handsome Sanjis who have worked hard to match my clumsy lines on various stages. I will do my best to dub Taz to atone for that. Taz-chan, I’m freaking grateful to you!! [He said, ‘Kuso osewa ni narimasu zo’ Sanji’s famous line to Zeff!] Let’s make the strongest tag team and make Macken-Kazuya be rendered speechless!!! Dear all lovely ladies, please let yourself fall in love with Taz’s cool smile.”

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