Young Sheldon has picked the wrong characters for its sequel

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Georgie covering Mandy's eyes in Young Sheldon

A new show set in the world of The Big Bang Theory will explore the family life of George and Mandy — but are these the right Young Sheldon characters for a spinoff?

It’s almost a shame that the town of Medford isn’t a real place, because you’d never get bored talking to the never-ending list of colorful characters in the Young Sheldon universe. If Sheldon, Mary, Georgie, Meemaw, Mary, and George weren’t enough on their own, characters such as Pastor Jeff, Dr. Sturgis, and June Ballard have offered up drama in the juiciest of forms.

Fans have rightfully been bereft that Young Sheldon is coming to an end after Season 7, with its hour-long finale airing on May 16. However, all is not lost. A series sequel — yes that’s right, a sequel of a prequel — has now been greenlit by CBS. This new show is set to follow Georgie and Mandy as they settle into family life all of their own.

While many fans have welcomed the news, others have shown cause for concern. Alongside its proposed multicam format, the questionable foundations surrounding the couple’s relationship (remember, they got together when Georgie was 17 and Mandy was 29) have people wondering whether continued exploration is the right idea. As far as we’re concerned, Young Sheldon hasn’t picked the right characters to expand its multiverse with.

The Young Sheldon sequels we’d rather see 

Before more debate takes off on Reddit, we’re jumping in with a list of Young Sheldon characters we’d rather see take the spotlight. Sorry, baby Cece, but other people’s pasts might just be more interesting than your future. 


Missy Cooper in Young Sheldon

As soon as news of the Georgie/Mandy sequel was released, all eyes turned to Missy, the younger sister many hoped would at least appear in upcoming episodes. However, hopes were quickly dashed when actress Raegan Revord revealed she “wasn’t invited” to star in the sequel and would instead cheer Montana Jordan and Emily Osment on from the sidelines.

It’s safe to say that this decision hasn’t gone down well with fans, particularly as Missy’s supposed redemption arc in Season 7 seems to be going backward. Having been underutilized since Season 5, fans are frustrated with how overlooked Missy’s natural humor, and kind temperament are, not to mention her teenage rebellion phase in Season 6 that didn’t really go anywhere. On top of that, Missy’s got a lot of backstory by the time she gets to The Big Bang Theory — including neighbor Billy Sparks possibly being her unnamed first husband.


Annie Potts as Meemaw in Young Sheldon

Is anyone cooler in Young Sheldon — or arguably the world — than Meemaw, a.k.a Connie? Single-handedly running a secret gambling room at the back of the laundrette, the Cooper family grandmother has been dangerously herself and slightly unhinged since Season 1. With a love for all things immoral, it’s not surprising that daughter Mary has distanced herself by becoming Meemaw’s polar opposite, not only shining a light on their fractured relationship but also on Meemaw’s wild past.

It’s safe to say most Young Sheldon fans would pay good money to see the messy hijinks Meemaw got up to in her younger years. We know this includes the death of Mary’s father—which Meemaw may or may not have had a hand in, according to Season 1. Alongside this, Young Sheldon still needs to account for the drastic changes we see in Meemaw’s personality by the time she comes to TBBT, turning from an instant charmer into a cantankerous old bat. 

George and Mary

George and Mary Cooper in Young Sheldon

George and Mary’s marriage is where it all began, with Mary getting pregnant at a young age and forcing George to ask for her hand in marriage. It’s something that Meemaw has never dropped — but weirdly enough, their backstory hasn’t really been explored in Young Sheldon. Arguably getting too caught up in the possible affairs that never happened, fans have been dying to see what went down before the kids came along, particularly given Meemaw’s disapproval.

The stakes are even higher for this potential Young Sheldon sequel, as George is set to die at the end of Season 7. With his marriage to Mary presently the healthiest it’s ever been, surely it’s a testament to the pair’s hard work that their glory days are relived in full.  

“Old Sheldon”

Sheldon in "Old Sheldon"

Sure, it’s not exactly an inspired choice, but rumblings of an “Old Sheldon” sequel have been around for a number of years. Back in 2022, Jim Parsons claimed that it hadn’t been fully ruled out, but the trail went dark soon after. Now fans believe that every stage of Sheldon’s life could be dramatized in its own spinoff — so why not start at the end?

In truth, this probably isn’t the most sought-after sequel, but it is the one that should have the strongest plausibility. So far, the entire Sheldon-verse has been framed through his perspective, making Georgie and Mandy’s show the odd one out in terms of cohesiveness. If rumors are true and Sheldon also won’t be appearing (just like Missy), is there even a point in what’s to come?

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