Young Sheldon sequel reveals “unbearable” casting, and fans aren’t happy

Jasmine Valentine
Audrey and Jim in Young Sheldon

All eyes are on the Young Sheldon sequel now the series has wrapped for good, and fans already can’t get over an “unbearable” casting decision.

While it’s still unclear if most of the Young Sheldon cast will return for the upcoming sequel — titled Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage — Montana Jordan and Emily Osment will be reprising their roles as the newly married couple.

However, the sequel has now revealed an extra two familiar faces set to appear as series regulars in the form of Rachel Bay Jones (Audrey) and Will Sasso (Jim). While it makes sense for Mandy’s parents to be featured, fans are branding the move as “unbearable.”

A still from Georgie and Mandy's wedding in Young Sheldon

“The mom is why I won’t watch. She’s unbearable,” one fan commented on Reddit, with a second agreeing, “I hate Audrey.” Where previously Mary has been unofficially dubbed as the villain of the series, Audrey’s subtle and snarky remarks to Georgie have shifted focus to her.

A third fan said of the casting, “They kind of have to. Georgie eventually gets the tire shop so makes sense Jim will be around.”

While there are many theories about what the sequel will look like, the show’s creators will only have a few existing storylines they need to tie in. Georgie ending up with his own tire shop is one of them, but Mandy and Cece were never mentioned in The Big Bang Theory.

This means that Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage can create whatever stories it likes, meaning Audrey and Jim can be featured as little or as much as fans want them there.

Audrey and Jim have been featured heavily in Season 7, particularly given Georgie and Mandy’s wedding in Episode 7. Since then, Mandy and Audrey have been at odds over how to best raise Cece, dragging Georgie into the conflict.

Not only is it currently unknown how Audrey and Jim will fit into the Young Sheldon sequel, but the storyline of the spinoff itself is being kept tightly under wraps. The current synopsis reads, “Georgie and Mandy raise their young family in Texas while navigating the challenges of adulthood, parenting, and marriage.”

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