Old Sheldon has already been teased by Big Bang Theory star

Jasmine Valentine
Sheldon in "Old Sheldon"

Could Young Sheldon ever become Old Sheldon? According to one Big Bang Theory star, it’s a possibility.

Young Sheldon is finally drawing to a close after seven seasons, following on from main show The Big Bang Theory, which ended back in 2019.

Though another spin-off has officially been confirmed, it won’t follow main character Sheldon, prompting questions as to how his journey will unfold – and if a sequel to TBBT could be a possibility.

While the idea of an older sequel is mostly a joke among Young Sheldon fans, it might not be as far-fetched as some might think.

Another sequel teased by Big Bang Theory star

According to an interview from 2022 in The Independent, original Sheldon star Jim Parsons wouldn’t rule out the possibility of an aged sequel.

“At this point, hell no. In 30 years, maybe,” Parsons said. “You’ll have to ask me then. It’ll depend on how nice the beach is I’m living on. If it’s flooded away, I might come back.”

Parsons also stated that he was initially ready to leave TBBT in order “to get out of the security of the show to fully find out what was next for me.”

Having said that, the actor maintained his connections to Sheldon by providing the narrator voiceover during Young Sheldon.

For fans, the premise of the spinoff is something that there’s definitely a demand for.

“Imagine a show that shows us Sheldon as a grandpa. He’s a famous scientist or something and makes ground-breaking discoveries,” Cilyes25 posted on Reddit.

“First, there would have to be someone to play Sheldon. That would be even harder to cast than it was to show him as a child. Second, Sheldon and Amy are well-known scientists who share a Nobel in physics. It’s not like there are that many ground-breaking discoveries in theoretical physics.” another argued.

“I feel like that could work as a next season of TBBT or maybe a mini spinoff, good idea tho, just don’t think it needs a whole show,” a third stated.

However, some fans think that other kinds of TBBT spin-offs should take precedence.

“If anything I want an adult Paige (Paige in her 30s or 40s) spin-off,” mused another Redditor.

At present, the only spin-off confirmed for the franchise concerns Georgie and Mandy’s relationship, being filmed as a multi-cam sitcom.