Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 8 recap: Meemaw takes on the law

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Sheldon writing in Young Sheldon

She fought the law, and the law looks like it’s going to win. Here’s a full recap of Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 8.

The Coopers are soon to say their final goodbye in Young Sheldon Season 7, but they’re not making life easy for themselves. Facing off against a tornado at the beginning of the season, the family has since feuded with each other, their neighbors, and their new in-laws in the form of Mandy’s parents.

While plotlines such as Georgie and Mandy’s wedding have lifted the season’s mood, there’s still plenty of drama left to kick in. Sheldon is about to decide which college gets his firm acceptance – although we know how this one ends – and George is set to meet his maker before the series is out.

Before fans get to all of that, there’s now the small matter of Meemaw’s legal implications to deal with. Here’s a full rundown of what happened in Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 8.

Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 8: Meemaw is officially a fugitive…

Meemaw in the gambling room in Young Sheldon

After Meemaw’s secret gambling room in the laundromat was raided by police in Episode 7, she’s finally out of the slammer and back home in Episode 8. However, this comes at a cost, being fitted with an ankle tag that will inform police if she steps more than 50 yards outside the house. Dale tries to soothe Meemaw’s angst by buying puzzles to pass the time until her sentencing, but Meemaw has had enough.

Since losing her house, belongings, and now her job, Meemaw is at a loose end. Feeling as though her sense of self is sliding, she ponders what will come next while trying to find legal representation. Previously the class clown of Young Sheldon, she’s now not seeing the funny side of life — as much as Dale is trying to remind her.

…But Audrey thinks Georgie is too

Georgie talks to Audrey in Young Sheldon

While Dale (and Mary) get to grips with Meemaw taking the fallout for the gambling room, Mandy and Georgie arrive home to a nasty shock. Realizing that they now have no way of earning any money, the pair decide that the Cooper household is too crowded to stay at. Reluctantly, Mandy and Georgie move in with Jim and Audrey, with Audrey very quickly picking apart Georgie’s best efforts.

As Georgie tries to nail down a new job, Audrey refuses to let Jim offer up a spot at the tire shop. Instead, she belittles him at every opportunity possible while he tries to help out, resulting in Jim ignoring Audrey and asking Georgie to work with him. Having just landed a temporary job as a part-time bag boy, Georgie jumps at the chance.

The Coopers get a nasty surprise

George and Mary in Young Sheldon

Meanwhile, the Cooper household isn’t exactly a haven of peace in Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 8. When George comes home from work, Missy tells him that he needs to fix a problem with the toilet, which results in a huge leak. Local plumber Phil – who George went to school with – comes around to fix it, telling them it’s the septic tank that’s broken, not the toilet. As a result, the cost is astronomical, leading George to improvise.

Grabbing a portaloo from school, George dubs the family’s solution as a “plastic crap shack.” None of the family are thrilled with the arrangement, with snakes routinely invading their private space while using it. Mary finds out that Meemaw has hidden money around her house, citing legal fees as a reason to do so. Meemaw gives Mary a portion of the laundromat money to get the toilet fixed.

Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 8: Sheldon hints at his future

Iain Armitage as Sheldon Cooper, looking shocked in Young Sheldon

While everyone else is in meltdown, Sheldon is growing up fast in Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 8. Trying to study up in order to take the bar, Sheldon is convinced that he can help his Meemaw out in a cost-effective way. However, Meemaw has other ideas, choosing to hire outside help instead.

After facing off with the outside toilet – something that is his worst nightmare – Sheldon’s sights are now set in on the immediate future. The story now turns to his road to Caltech, facing off with practically every Ivy League school in the country in order to get there.

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