The Tailor Season 2 cast: All actors & characters

Daisy Phillipson
Still from The Tailor Season 2

Here’s your guide to the cast of The Tailor Season 2 on Netflix, including the actors and characters they play. 

The Tailor became a hit when it dropped on Netflix earlier this year. Created by Onur Güvenatam, the mystery-drama series centers on Peyami, a famous tailor who’s afraid to confront his past – little does he realize that his best friend Dimitri has some skeletons of his own. 

Although it’s only been a couple of months since Season 1 dropped, a second chapter is just around the corner, promising more drama and revelations as a new woman enters Peyami’s life. 

So, with The Tailor Season 2 about to drop, here’s your guide to the main cast and characters. 


The Tailor Season 2 cast and characters

Before we get into it, here’s the synopsis for The Tailor: “Peyami is a famous tailor who’s just put on a successful runway show, despite the antics of his chaotic best friend, Dimitri. The celebration is short-lived, however, after his grandfather’s death threatens to unearth what he’s too ashamed to confront. 

“But he’s not the only one concealing the truth: Dimitri is holding his fiancée, Esvet, captive – until she runs away and assumes another identity while working as a caretaker for Peyami’s father.”

In Season 2, Netflix states: “Peyami faces new challenges as his friendship with Dimitri is tested, Esvet spends more time at the house with Mustafa – and a new woman enters his life.”

Peyami: Cagatay Ulusoy 

Cagatay Ulusoy as Peyami in The Tailor Season 2

Cagatay Ulusoy plays Peyami, the lead character of The Tailor and one whose past came back to haunt him in Season 1. Due to the bullying he suffered as a result of his father’s disability, Peyami buries this side of his life – but he’s forced to confront it when his grandfather, his dad’s main caregiver, passes away. 

Peyami is someone who is deeply affected by the events of his life, including the quest to find his real mother, but he tends to maintain a confident front, appearing on the outside to be a self-reliant businessman. 

However, this unravels when he falls in love with Esvet, a woman who he initially hires to look after his dad. After finding out his best friend Dimitri had been abusing Esvet and holding her captive, he vows to protect her. 

As is shown in the Season 2 trailer, Peyami survived being accidentally shot by Esvet – but the drama has only just started, with Netflix teasing that he is set to be “reborn.”

Ulusoy has appeared in various TV shows including The Protector, Insider, Ebb and Tide, and Adini Feriha Koydum.

Dimitri: Salih Bademci

Salih Bademci reprises his role as Dimitri in The Tailor Season 2 cast

Salih Bademci reprises his role as Dimitri in The Tailor Season 2 cast, the abusive, selfish, and spoiled “best friend” of Peyami’s. Dimitri is used to having things go his way – and when they don’t, he’s willing to go to dangerous lengths to fulfill his desires. 

Dimitri had been severely abusing Esvet after their parents arranged for the pair to get married. When she escaped, Dimitri threw his toys out of the pram and embarked on a ruthless mission to capture her once more. 

Season 2 might finally see him get his comeuppance, with the trailer showing his father holding Dimitri’s head up to a mirror, telling him: “Look at my biggest failure.”

Bademci’s acting roles include TV shows such as Ilk Ve Son, Kiralik Ask, and The Club. 

Esvet: Sifanur Gül 

Sifanur Gül returns as Esvet in The Tailor Season 2

Sifanur Gül returns as Esvet, a woman with a troubled background, whose adoptive family force her to marry Dimitri, despite her begging them to set her free. Eventually, she escapes and seeks solace by taking on a new identity and applying to look after Peyami’s father. 

Through their interactions, we learn that Esvet is an incredibly kind and caring person. She and Peyami develop feelings for each other and she is promised protection, but when Dimitri hunts her down, she accidentally ends up shooting Peyami.

Thankfully, he’s set to survive – so now the pair can live happily ever after, right? Wrong! The Season 2 trailer shows that a new woman is set to enter Peyami’s life, with Esvet tearfully asking him: “When did you ever fight for us?”

Alongside her leading role in The Tailor cast, Gül has appeared in Sevdim Seni Bir Kere, Yaratilan, and Akif. 

Mustafa: Olgun Simsek

Olgun Simsek returns to the role of Mustafa in The Tailor Season 2

Olgun Simsek returns to the role of Mustafa in The Tailor Season 2 cast, Peyami’s father who has a disability that leaves him with limited cognitive skills, but a loving and innocent heart. 

Despite his childlike nature, Peyami feels shame about his dad, leading him to keep this part of his life locked away. When Esvet is brought in to look after Mustafa, she’s shocked to find him chained and locked away in a bedroom, convincing the family to allow him outside to play. 

Simsek’s other acting accolades include Toss-Up, Karisik Pizza, and Watchtower. 

Kiraz: Evrim Alasya

Evrim Alasya plays Kiraz in The Tailor Season 2

Evrim Alasya plays Kiraz, Peyami’s biological mother who struggles to deal with her past and does not appear to want to meet her son.

In Season 1, Peyami’s grandmother Sulun tells Esvet she will give her the caretaker job if she agrees to marry Mustafa, saying that while he has the mind of a child, he’s got an adult body. It later transpires that she made the same proposal to Kiraz, but she became impregnated by Mustafa before giving Peyami up.  

Alasya has starred in Under the Trees, Günesin Kizlari, and Koca Koca Yalanlar, among others.

Cemre: Berrak Tuzunatac

Berrak Tuzunatac joins The Tailor Season 2 cast as Cemre

Berrak Tuzunatac joins The Tailor Season 2 cast as Cemre, the mysterious woman who will burst into the life of Peyami’s and threaten to destroy his relationship with Esvet.

Tuzunatac’s other acting roles have been in Ezel, Fi, Envy, and Organize Isler, to name a few.

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