Squid Game player claims “Netflix wanted us to have sex”

Daisy Phillipson
Trey, Player 301, in Squid Game: The Challenge on Netflix

Squid Game: The Challenge might be over but that hasn’t stopped new behind-the-scenes details from trickling through. Now, one fan-favorite player has claimed that “Netflix wanted us to have sex.”

Earlier this month, the epic finale of Squid Game: The Challenge arrived on Netflix, revealing Mai Whelan, aka Player 287, coming out on top and taking home the record-breaking $4.56 million prize

Along the way, there were highs and lows, villains and heroes, and plenty of drama both on and off screen. The series also laid the foundation for one of the biggest reality shows on Netflix, driving thousands of viewers to apply for Season 2.

While we wait for updates about the second chapter, fan fave contestant and Mai’s “dear friend” Roland Hannigan (Player 418) has shared a rather explicit detail about his time on the show. 

Squid Game player claims “Netflix wanted us to have sex”

Roland has shared a new podcast on his YouTube channel alongside Player 301, aka fellow Squid Game: The Challenge icon Trey Plutnicki, in which he says: “I swear Netflix wanted us to have sex.”

He clarifies to Trey, “Like, not me and you,” before elaborating on what he means. “They were craving for someone to have sex because they made a very big point that we were not tested for STDs. And they made it clear, ‘We’re not going to stop you.’”

According to Roland, Netflix producers also “put a load of condoms in the shower room,” to which Trey adds, “The condoms ran out. There must’ve been hundreds… The condoms were not used for sex, as far as I know.”

Apparently, there were some “close calls,” with “a couple of people getting really close.” However, the condoms were primarily used for one thing: chapstick. 

As was previously confirmed to Dexerto, players weren’t given any chapstick for days, which made dorm life difficult – especially in the cold British weather. As such, some players resorted to using condom lube to moisturize their lips. 

“The condoms were used to be rubbed on lips, and not in a fun way,” says Trey. “After Red Light Green Light, everybody was out in the cold for so long, everybody’s lips were chapped for so long.”

Roland confirms this, saying that they didn’t have chapstick or vaseline for three or four days – which in dorm life, feels even longer. He tried various methods to keep his lips moisturized, including lotion and conditioner – but neither he nor Trey attempted the condom hack. 

Understandably so. As pointed out by Roland: “There’s cameras everywhere. I was like, I’m not going to be dipping my little finger in a condom and putting it on my lips. They didn’t show anyone doing it but I wasn’t going to risk them having that footage.” Fair enough.

Squid Game: The Challenge is available to stream on Netflix now, and you can check out more of our coverage below:

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