Is Gwen Stacy transgender in Across the Spider-Verse?

Brad Norton
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With Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse now swinging into theaters around the globe, fans are beginning to wonder if Gwen Stacy is transgender in the new sequel.

Five years on from Into the Spider-Verse, the follow-up to Sony’s blockbuster animated hit is finally here. Across the Spider-Verse is now in cinemas with fans worldwide already singing its praises.

Though as with any recent MCU or Sony-adjacent flick, while some answers are given, plenty of new questions are raised in this installment. While we’ll have to wait until Beyond the Spider-Verse wraps up the story of Miles Morales for some concrete answers, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating in the interim.

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One such talking point has to do with the identity of Gwen Stacy. Beyond subtle nods to support the theory, many have argued her entire arc in the sequel represents the very fact she’s indeed trans.

Spoiler warning below: We’ll be discussing not only some smaller easter eggs but also main plot points in Across the Spider-Verse below. Do not continue reading if you wish to experience the film unspoiled.

Is Gwen Stacy trans in Across the Spider-Verse?

For the time being, there’s no definitive answer to the question of Gwen Stacy’s gender identity. Though Across the Spider-Verse does intentionally presents various pieces of evidence to support the idea, without ever explicitly confirming it one way or the other.

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Early into the sequel, for example, we get a look inside Gwen Stacy’s bedroom in her unique dimension. In a blink-and-you-’ll-miss-it moment, one particular shot in this sequence shows a flag hanging above her door.

This flag boasts the blue, pink, and white colors of the trans Pride flag, along with the message: Protect trans kids.

Other similar nods can be found throughout a good chunk of Gwen Stacy’s screen time in Across the Spider-Verse too. One more obvious example is the color of her hair in particular scenes, also representing the trans Pride flag colors loud and proud.

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Throughout scenes in her dimension, the world’s unique art style often promotes the exact same theme, as backgrounds merge into the very same shades of blue, pink, and white. All but pushing the theory, though again, without ever explicitly saying as much.

One leading idea online, however, argues a much bigger piece of evidence. Throughout the sequel, much of Gwen Stacy’s story focuses on her troubled relationship with her father. As a cop hunting that dimension’s Spider-Woman, their joint arc mostly pertains to his struggle in accepting her identity as such.

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Some fans have taken this narrative to mirror the emotional struggle many trans people go through in coming out to their parents and trying to gain their acceptance.

While the theory certainly holds weight, it’s again worth bearing in mind that no confirmation is locked in by the time credits roll. For now, speculation is sure to continue running wild as we await the third and final entry in the series.

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