Black Knight cast: All actors & characters in the Netflix series

Daisy Phillipson
Kim Woo-bin in Black Knight on Netflix

Here’s your guide to the cast and characters in Black Knight, Netflix’s new dystopian K-drama series adapted from Lee Yun-kyun’s webtoon of the same name.

Black Knight is based on an exciting premise. The story takes us to the year 2071, four decades after a devastating comet struck earth and obliterated most of humanity, with the remaining population residing on the Korean peninsula. 

However, rather than skyscrapers and mountains, the region has been transformed into a wasteland where resources are scarce. Society has been divided into factions, with couriers known as “knights” delivering oxygen and food to those who benefit from the new system. 

Rather than zombies, as is often the case in post-apocalyptic tales, the true evil derives from a number of rapacious humans. Amid the release of Netflix’s Black Knight, we’ve broken down all of the major roles in the cast, including the actors and the characters they play.


Black Knight cast and characters

Before we get into the Black Knight cast and characters, here’s a description from Netflix about the series: “Black Knight is set in a future Korea reeling from the effects of a comet strike, and a brutal social hierarchy determines who has access to resources for survival.

“In this harsh wasteland, deliverymen known as ‘knights’ play an indispensable role in keeping people alive by delivering parcels of oxygen and other necessities.”

In a separate press release, the streamer wrote: “In this dystopian world, the all-powerful Cheonmyeong Group has imposed a new order on a desolate land where only a few have managed to survive. Refugees, who lack the crucial QR codes for social security, are pushed to the margins of society.”

5-8: Kim Woo-bin

Kim Woo-bin in Black Knight on Netflix

Kim Woo-bin plays 5-8, a former refugee who is now the toughest and most renowned deliveryman. By day, he delivers oxygen and other resources to the various districts, but by night he transforms into a Black Knight, a group of couriers who are planning to upend the order created by Cheonmyeong Group, described as “the de facto ruler of the devastated world.”

Director Cho Ui-seok, praised the actor for his performance, saying: “Woo-bin was made for the strong and silent 5-8.”

Woo-bin’s breakthrough role was in School 2013. Since then, he’s gone on to star in blockbuster hits such as The Con Artists and Twenty, as well as taking on leading roles in Uncontrollably Fond and Our Blues.

Sa-wol: Kang You-seok

Kang You-Seok in Black Knight on Netflix

Kang You-seok plays Sa-wol in the Black Knight cast, a refugee who dreams of becoming a delivery man. His playfulness and energetic spirit make it impossible not to love him, even if you do question his moves sometimes. 

He’s so full of heart and determination, 5-8 (Sa-wol’s hero) starts to see his younger self in him.

You-Seok has appeared in a number of TV series, including Nal Nokyeojuo, Pure Evil, and Payback. 

Seol-ah: Esom

Esom in Black Knight on Netflix

Lee So-young, better known by her stage name Esom, plays Seol-ah, a major at the Defense Intelligence Command. As per Netflix: “Her character grapples with maintaining social order while harboring a deep desire to help the marginalized.”

Although she tries to maintain a tough exterior, Seol-ah’s caring nature is clear to see through her relationship with Sa-wol, who she takes into her home and treats like a younger brother after finding him injured. 

Black Knight isn’t Esom’s first time working for a Netflix title, as she also appeared in the recent thriller Kill Boksoon. Other acting accolades include Taxi Driver (the TV series, not the film, obviously), Because This Is My First Life, and Save Me. 

Ryu Seok: Song Seung-heon

Song Seung-heon in Black Knight on Netflix

Song Seung-heon plays Ryu Seok in the Black Knight cast, the main antagonist and the ruthless son of the Cheonmyeong Group’s chairman. He clashes with those around him as he “defends his vision of a world with no place for the refugees.”

Seung-heon started out his career as a model, before moving into the world of acting in the ‘90s. In the past five years alone, he’s appeared in Voice, Dinner Mate, The Great Show, and Player.

Chairman Ryu: Nam Kyung-eub

Nam Kyung-eup in Black Knight on Netflix

Nam Kyung-eub plays Chairman Ryu, Ryu Seok’s father and the big boss of Cheonmyeong Group. 

Kyung-eub has appeared in a number of blockbuster hits, including The Man from Nowhere and No Mercy. More recently, he starred in the TV series Joseon Attorney.

Tuktak: Kim Eui-sung 

Kim Eui-sung in Black Knight on Netflix

Kim Eui-sung plays Tuktak, a reliable and wise elder and Sa-wol’s guardian. He’s sharp and quick-witted, and is able to fix just about anything. 

Eui-sung also starred in the Taxi Driver series, as well as the smash hit horror Train to Busan. Black Knight isn’t his first time in an apocalyptic setting, either, as he appeared in the movie 2036 Apocalypse Earth.

Seul-ah: Roh Yoon-seo

Roh Yoon-seo in Black Knight on Netflix

Roh Yoon-seo plays Seul-ah in the Black Knight cast, Seol-ah’s younger sister who is also like a sibling to Sa-wol. She lives in the General District, and admires Sa-wol’s fighting spirit. 

Yoon-seo has enjoyed recurring roles in Crash Course in Romance and Our Blues. 

The President: Jin Kyung 

Jin Kyung in Black Knight on Netflix

Jin Kyung plays The President – yes, there’s still a government in this dystopian world. But there’s a constant power struggle between politicians and Cheonmyeong’s Ryu Seok.

Kyung has starred in a variety of hit movies over the years, including Veteran, Assassination, and Cold Eyes. She’s also been in TV shows such as Love in Contract, Melancholia, and Extraordinary Attorney Woo. 

That’s everything we know about the main cast and characters in Black Knight. Season 1 of the series is available to watch on Netflix now. Check out our other Netflix hubs below:

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