Kill Boksoon cast: All actors & characters in the Netflix movie

Jeon Do-yeon as Gill Boksoon in the Kill Boksoon castNetflix

Here’s your guide to the full cast and characters in Kill Boksoon, the new Korean action thriller from The Merciless director Byun Sung-hyun.

The movie revolves around Gil Boksoon, an expert assassin hired by the killing agency MK Ent. She’s both “a killer with a 100% success rate and a mother of her teenage daughter, Jae-young,” as per the synopsis.

“When it is about time to renew her contract with her agency, she makes up her mind to retire to repair the relationship with her daughter.

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“While on her final assignment, before notifying the company of her decision regarding the contract, Boksoon discovers a secret about the mission and breaks the rule that killers must try to execute all assignments regardless of the circumstances. Now she becomes the target of her agency and the entire hitman industry.”


Kill Boksoon cast and characters

Below, you’ll find a rundown of the main cast and characters in Kill Boksoon.

Jeon Do-yeon: Gil Boksoon

Jeon Do-yeon in Kill Boksoon on NetflixNetflix

Jeon Do-yeon plays Gil Boksoon, the lead character in Kill Boksoon.

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In a press release, her character bio reads: “Since her first killing at age 17, Boksoon has never once failed on her assignment. The finest and legendary killer of hitman agency MK Ent., she is known by her aka “Kill Boksoon”. Despite her impeccable talent at her job, raising a 15-year-old daughter is a whole different story. Boksoon loves her work but decides to quit so that she no longer needs to hide things from her daughter.”

Jeon is an award-winning actress, best known for her performances in Secret Sunshine, The Shameless, Way Back Home, and Birthday.

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Sul Kyung-gu: Cha Min-kyu

Sul Kyung-gu as Cha Min-kyu in Kill BoksoonNetflix

Sul Kyung-gu plays Cha Min-kyu, “the CEO of MK Ent. that employs Boksoon and a leader who corporatized killers and laid down the rules to systemize the industry.”

Sul is best known for starring in the Public Enemy movies, Peppermint Candy, Oasis, Silmido, Hope, and The Merciless.

Kim Si-A: Jae-young

Kim Si-A as Jae-young in Kill BoksoonNetflix

Kim Si-A plays Jae-young, Gil Boksoon’s daughter “who is going through especially turbulent teen years marked by strained relationships with her mother and her friends.”

Kim has also appeared in Miss Baek, Ashfall, Kingdom: Ashin of the North, and The Silent Sea.

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Esom: Cha Min-hee

Esom as Cha Min-heeNetflix

Esom plays Cha Min-hee, “Min-kyu’s younger sister and director at MK Ent, and her brother’s doting on Boksoon irritates Minhee to no end.”

Esom has also starred in The Third Charm, Taxi Driver, and Samjin Company English Class.

Koo Kyo-hwan: Han Hee-sung

Koo Kyo-hwan as Han Hee-sungNetflix

Koo Kyo-hwan plays Han Hee-sung, “a C-ranked killer who is inexplicably stuck at a low tier at MK Ent. despite his top-notch skills.”

Koo is best know for his roles in Jane, Train to Busan sequel Peninsula, and Escape from Mogadishu.

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Kim Seung-o: Sergeant Shin

Kim Seung-oNetflix

Kim Seung-o plays Sergeant Shin, “who dares to challenge the rules set in stone by MK Ent.”

Kim has earlier starred in Secret Garden, The Man from Nowhere, Fashion King, and Kingmaker.

Lee Yeon: Kim Young-ji

A still of Lee Yeon and Jeon Do-yeon in Kill Boksoon on NetflixNetflix

Lee Yeon plays Kim Young-ji, a “promising, soon-to-debut intern who shows much potential as an assassin much in the way that Boksoon did when she was younger.”

Lee is best known for starring in Netflix’s Juvenile Justice, as well as A Lonely Island in the Distant Sea and Crash Course in Romance.

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That’s everything we know about Kill Boksoon. In the meantime, find out more about the movie here.

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