Woman uses “fake belly” and tries to smuggle over 200 CPUs & iPhones past customs

Sayem Ahmed
Fake Belly CPUs iPhones

A woman from Guangdong, China has been caught attempting to smuggle over 200 CPUs and iPhones using a fake belly to make herself appear pregnant.

In a story initially reported by MyDrivers, a Chinese woman attempting to enter Zhuhai via Gogbei was stopped by a customs agent, who noted the woman’s unnatural posture. Initially, she appeared to be in a late-term pregnancy. However, as she spoke to the customs agent, she stated that she was around 5-6 months pregnant.

This sent alarm bells ringing, as she was searched further. There, it was revealed that the woman was in fact, not pregnant at all. She was wearing a fake belly made out of silicone in order to evade the guards and avoid customs.

Though she was using a Silicone fake belly, she did not manage to evade the security machines, which easily identified something suspicious on her body. The woman is thought to have been traveling from Macau, which is presumably where the CPUs and iPhones had been acquired.

Staff then found 202 Intel CPUs, in addition to nine iPhones scotch-taped to the woman. We estimate that the total value of the Intel Alder Lake CPUs found on the woman, in addition to the iPhones put the attempted smuggling at around $50,000 in total value.

CPUs and iPhones retrieved from the fake belly

Why the heist went wrong

It’s unclear if the woman acquired the CPUs and iPhones legally, however. But, it appears like she has not gotten away with pulling off this particular heist. According to the report, the main thing that gave her away was her seemingly sprightly posture, even though she appeared to be heavily pregnant.

It’s believed that she was smuggling CPUs and iPhones via in order to evade Taxes. However, the customer of the goods that she was smuggling is probably not too happy about the outcome. It should also be noted that a similar attempt was made earlier this year by another man, who was also eventually caught.

We’d love to see smugglers attempt to cross a border with some RTX 4090s strapped to their bodies. But, they might have tougher luck trying not to get spotted.

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