Starfield release times: When does Starfield launch in your region?

Patrick Dane
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Starfield’s launch is almost here, but the start times are different for the full release of the game. Here’s everything you need to know regarding Starfield’s release times.

Starfield is one of the biggest releases of the year. Bethesda’s newest RPG has been long anticipated, and players have waited years to get their hands on the enormous universe the developer has built. 

While this year has been full to the brim of amazing games, many are hoping Starfield itself can eclipse all of them. Because of that, people are eager to get their hands on the game as quickly as possible. 

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We want to help you do that too. Regional launches can always be a bit confusing, as while we have a launch date, a game launching at midnight or at 10 PM is very different. Because of that, you’re probably going to want actually to make some plans for the day. 

In order for you to maximize your time with Starfield, here’s everything you need to know about Starfield’s release times across all the regions. 

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When are the Starfield release times for your region?

Starfield is having a simultaneous release across all regions. This means that the game will launch at the same time for everyone. That’s great, except, obviously it can make when it will release in your time zone a little confusing. Thanks to a post by Bethesda about the launch we now know those times. 

If you’re planning on playing the game tonight, including those who are on Game Pass, Starfield will launch on September 5 or 6 depending on your region. Here’s when you can expect the game to launch for you. 

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Launch release times and region

Time ZoneRelease time and date
Pacific (US)5 PM (September 5)
Central (US)7 PM (September 5)
Eastern (US)8 PM (September 5)
UK1 AM (September 6)
Europe2 AM (September 6)
Australia East10 AM (September 6)
New Zealand12 PT (September 6)

That’s everything you need to know about when Starfield is launching for you. Get ready to enter your spaceship, because there’s about to be a whole universe for you to explore.

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