Starfield New Game Plus explained

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starfield new game plusBethesda Game Studios

Starfield is overflowing with content but the game still leaves some players yearning for more. For those curious about extending their adventure, here’s an insight into how New Game Plus works in the RPG.

Bethesda’s space RPG boasts about a thousand planets, created through procedural generation, offering a vast universe that casual players might only see a fraction of during their playthrough.

But also, there are players who are ready to experience everything Starfield has to offer across its potentially hundreds of hours of gameplay. And once that’s been drained through, they’ll be ready to start over again.

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New Game Plus is a feature typically included in RPGs, which allows you to restart the story from the beginning while keeping certain attributes from your leveling. Usually, you get to keep your skills and inventory items.

So, what happens to the game once you hit Starfield’s credits?

Warning: this article contains some spoilers for Starfield’s ending.

Starfield planetBethesda

Will Starfield have New Game Plus?

Yes, Starfield does have New Game Plus. After playing through the game’s main story, you will be able to start a brand new game with your abilities and skills carrying over.

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However, this feature is a little more interesting than simply being able to play the game again. Starfield’s New Game Plus mode also features some extra content not found in the first playthrough.

How to start New Game Plus

Once you’ve rolled credits on Starfield, you’ll wake up on a ship and be instructed to visit The Lodge on Jemison. This is where New Game Plus begins. Your equipment, such as weapons and clothing, are reset. However, you get to keep your abilities and skills.

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This gives you the opportunity to continue leveling up and making your character stronger in subsequent playthroughs but that’s not all. You’ll also have the option to skip some content and experience a more streamlined version of the game’s story missions.

Similarly, there are also new weapons, powers, and ships to collect during New Game Plus. While we don’t necessarily recommend rushing through to the end of the game, we certainly do suggest checking out the second playthrough once you roll credits.

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