Starfield players blame weak lore for lack of content creators

Theo Burman
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Starfield players have become disappointed by an apparent lack of content creators focusing on the game, and they might have figured out why this is the case.

Bethesda RPGs are an event in the gaming industry. Between Skyrim and Fallout, the developers established themselves at the forefront of the genre, and any releases of theirs were usually among the most hotly-anticipated games of that year.

Even after growing disappointment in Bethesda, culminating in the disastrous launch of Fallout 76, their titles command a lot of hype in the gaming community, and with a big new universe launching in 2023, Starfield looked like a chance to right previous wrongs.

And while the space exploration game went a long way towards doing that, it hasn’t maintained quite the same support from fans and content creators that games in the Fallout and Skyrim series have enjoyed. The biggest difference? There’s not as much of an expanded universe (yet) for Starfield, so there’s less to build off of.

Starfield players disappointed by lack of content creators

In a search for creators making regular content for Starfield, one player asked: “Are there any YouTubers making content that aren’t just part of the “Starfield bad” clickbait?”

Many of the replies addressed the longstanding lore and backstory of Bethesda’s other games, as well as their extensive suite of mods, as a reason why Starfield wasn’t doing as well in comparison.

“There’s definitely not enough to make serious lore videos about the game,” one player said. “Prolly one of their biggest mistakes with the game is how plain the world is.”

One reply read: “I did NG+2 and realized that although the game is good, it’s just not something for long-term investment. Unfortunately, for me, this isn’t the next Skyrim/Fallout that I can endlessly replay and have fun with, and I assume this is why there are only like 2 or 3 YouTubers still making content on the game.”

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