How to get Microsoft Plasma Wings in Roblox

Rishabh Sabarwal
Plasma Wings by Microsoft in Roblox

Plasma Wings is the latest add-on for Roblox users on Microsoft-powered devices including PC and Xbox. However, they’ll need to make a purchase and redeem the reward before they can use it.

In addition to Robux, the game’s virtual currency, Avatar accessories are among the most sought-after items in Roblox. Due to the increased value and bragging rights afforded to those with stacked accounts, players often purchase limited-time cosmetic items in large quantities.

Roblox users are always on the search for methods to earn free rewards, as an alternative to spending exorbitant sums of Robux on rare items. Historically, the metaverse platform has worked with companies like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Razer to provide free branded content to its player base.

In a recent promotion with Microsoft Rewards, Roblox chose to give out a unique reward to users for a limited time called Plasma Wings. Here’s how you can get it.

Rewards Page in Microsoft Account
Players can get the latest accessory upon making a purchase and redeeming reward points

Get the latest Plasma Wings in Roblox via Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards members (on Xbox and PC only) may now claim the newest Plasma Wings. However, in order to receive them, players must first make a purchase in the shop for a digital gift card that contains Robux.

Once you have done that, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Microsoft account on the rewards site.
  2. Make a Purchase of any Robux Gift Card.
  3. Head over to the rewards page again.
  4. Click on the Redeem tab and scroll down to find the Plasma Wings item listing.
  5. Click on Redeem Reward.
  6. Head over to Order History to get your Roblox code for the accessory.
  7. Visit the official Roblox redeem site and login to your account.
  8. Enter the code in the box and click Redeem.
  9. You will now have the Plasma Wings in your Avatar inventory.

Start by making a minimum purchase of 400 Robux and checking the rewards page to see whether you’re eligible for free Plasma Wings. If the transaction is successful, redeem the item; otherwise, keep shopping until you complete the requirements to activate the reward.

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know on how to get Plasma Wings in Roblox. For more tips and tricks, make sure to visit our various guides.

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