FaZe Clan announces limited-edition Nike Lebron Nxxt shoe collab

FaZe Nike Lebron nxxt genFaZe Clan/Nike

FaZe Clan has just revealed their first product collaboration, bringing the org’s popular red and black colorway to the Nike LeBron Nxxt Gen shoe.

Over the last few years, FaZe Clan has continued to grow through a wide variety of partnerships. Just recently, they’ve partnered with DoorDash to bring fans their own branded line of subs.

The popular content org has gotten so popular, in fact, that they’ve also become publicly traded on the stock market.

Now, FaZe is partnering with Nike to bring their iconic red and black colorway to the company’s Lebron Nxxt Gen shoe in their first product collab.

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Nike Lebron nxxt gen shoe

FaZe reveals collab with Nike for limited-edition shoe

Revealed on January 27, the FaZe Clan branded Nike Lebron Nxxt Gen shoe was designed in collaboration with creative teams from both companies including FaZe’s Jay ‘JVY’ Richardson and renowned visionary Toreno Winn.

The shoe features FaZe Clan’s iconic red and black colorway, a holographic logo, and a “technology motherboard” to represent the connection between athletes and gaming culture.

“Our hope is that our first collaboration with Nike solidifies gamers belonging in the same realm of professional athletes,” says JVY.

“The design of this shoe is inspired by the analogy that just like motherboards buried underneath the shell of technology, all great talent comes from beneath, and we all use different internal functions to power us as athletes and gamers.” 

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The Nike Lebron Nxxt Gen x FaZe Clan shoe will be available to the public on March 9 in North America at SNKRS and on the org’s website.