Pokemon Go Squirtle Community Day Classic: Start time, exclusive move, bonuses

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Squirtle Community Day Classic

Pokemon Go has just revealed the next Community Day Classic event, this time with a focus on Squirtle. Here’s everything we know about it, including its start time, date, and bonuses.

Over the last couple of years, Pokemon Go has occasionally provided players with a second monthly event called the Community Day Classic.

The company has announced the first Community Day Classic event for the Hidden Gems Season, and this time, it’s placing the spotlight on Squirtle.

Here’s everything we know about the event, including dates, times, and bonuses.

Pokemon Go Squirtle Community Day Classic date & start time

According to the Pokemon Go blog, the July 2023 Community Day Classic will take place on Sunday, July 9, 2023, from 2 pm until 5 pm local time.

The event will feature Squirtle, and if you’re lucky, you’ll encounter its rare shiny form.

Pokemon Go Squirtle Wartortle Blastoise

Pokemon Go Squirtle Community Day Classic exclusive move

During the event, those who evolve Squirtle into Wartortle, and then Wartortle into Blastioise, will receive the Charged Attack: Hydro Cannon.

Pokemon Go Squirtle Community Day Classic event bonuses

Here are the bonuses that will be available for trainers to enjoy during the event:

  • 1/4 Egg hatch distance when incubated during the event
  • Incense and Lure Modules will last three hours
  • Snapshots taken during the event will have a surprise

Pokemon Go Squirtle Community Day Classic Field & Special Research quest

During the Squirtle Community Day Classic, Event-themed Field Research tasks will give trainers the chance to encounter Squirtle Wearing Sunglasses.

There will also be a ticketed Special Research story available for $1 in the Pokemon GO Shop. Tasks will become available closer to the event, so stay tuned.

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