Pokemon Go players are roasting the Fashion Week event costumes

Ethan Dean
Pokemon Go Fashion Week 2023Niantic

Pokemon Go is in the midst of a major Fashion Week event but not everyone is sold on the costumes. They just can’t decide if the Pokemon look like longshore fishermen, hipsters, or emos.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic is a big fan of special events for holidays and celebrations that bring fun little outfits to the game. Their latest big event is for 2023 Fashion Week.

They’ve taken the usual route of putting a hat on as many Pokemon as they can and reception is mixed. Particularly in regards to one Pokemon’s Fashion Week costume which fans called “unacceptable”.

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This time Pokemon Go players are treating a different Pokemon to a good-natured ribbing based on their Fashion Week outfit. Reddit user u/Amnyrix posted an image of a Wooper going through its “emo phase” but not everyone’s sure that’s the best description.

Some trainers in the comments were happy to run with the original preposition that this little Wooper had a penchant for brooding. Way too many went with the low-hanging fruit by asserting “It’s not a phase Mom”.

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Others thought Wooper may have matured slightly beyond that and that he gave off more elder-millennial vibes. “This is the former emo that turns up to a Four Year Strong show, trying to open pits up where the 13-year-olds are standing,” one player asserted.

Most didn’t seem to think that Wooper with a beanie didn’t look emo at all but were still divided on exactly what impression it gave. “This is absolutely not emo,” one user explained. “This Wooper is 100% into craft beer and sourdough.”

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Some claimed it looked more like a wannabe rapper and was in fact in its “8-Mile phase” before one trainer leveled the harshest insult of all. “That’s clearly Tim Pool,” they put forward confidently.

Pokemon Go's Fashion Week 2023Niantic
At least the player costumes look like some effort went into them.

Despite the light roasting (of Wooper, not coffee beans), most players agreed that the costume was adorable, and if not, definitely hilarious. One player even asserted that Niantic had made their favorite Pokemon “even cuter”.

If you’re trying to snag all of the Fashion Week exclusives in Pokemon Go, maybe our guides can help in that endeavor.

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