Pokemon Go players spot “unacceptable” Fashion Week oversight

Scott Baird
Diglett EX Guardians from the Pokemon TCG

Pokemon Go’s Fashion Week 2023 event has brought fancy clothes for several Pokemon, but at least one outfit is “unacceptable”, according to players.

Pokemon Go is fond of creating alternate looks for Pokemon based on different real-life events. These often result in Pokemon Go seasonal events with special outfits based on holidays or celebrations in various regions.

The latest event in Pokemon Go is Fashion Week. During this event, certain Pokemon will spawn wearing outfits, such as Dragonite rocking sunglasses and a bowtie or Wooper sporting a Jesse Pinkman-style beanie. These stylish choices will also extend to the player avatar, with some brand-new clothing options.

However, not all Pokemon were given equal attention during the Fashion Week 2023 event in Pokemon Go. This boils down to Diglett, who is seen sporting a fancy bowler hat arguably loses all style points if it evolves into its final form.

Pokemon Go announces Fashion Week 2023

Pokemon Go players spot Dugtrio’s “unacceptable” level of hats during the Fashion Week event

A user on the Pokemon Go Reddit named OdoWanKenobi has uploaded an image of Fashion Week 2023’s version of Dugtrio. The three-headed Pokemon only has one little hat when all three could have been sporting headgear.

“I was so disappointed it didn’t have three hats. Cmon.” one user writes, while another says, “This is why I hate most of the so-called costumes in this game. They’re so lazy most of the time.”

The users in the thread also pointed out the disparity between Fashion Week Dugtrio and Alolan Dugtrio in Pokemon Go, as the Alolan version of Dugtrio has different hairstyles on its three heads, while Fashion Week Dugtro just has one hat spread across its form.

“The least they could have done was put a mustache on the one with a hat,” a user writes, while another suggests a different approach, “They should all share one big hat.”

It would have been a funny joke to give all three of Dugtrio’s heads hats for the event, but perhaps that wouldn’t be stylish enough for Paris Fashion Week. Either that or it’s another one of Pokemon Go’s silly oversights that fans will just have to ignore.

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