How to get Pokemon Go Super Incubators & how they work

Chris Studley
An image with Free Egg Incubators in Pokemon Go

Here’s an overview on how Super Incubators work in Pokemon Go, and how trainers can obtain these items in the game.

Aside from traditional Incubators, Pokemon Go players can obtain a Super Incubator in order to hatch an Egg.

Simply put, Super Incubators can save players time, as these items make it much quicker to hatch Eggs that are obtained in the mobile title.

With that said, here’s a breakdown on how to get Super Incubators and how these items actually work.

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How to get Super Incubators in Pokemon Go

Super Incubators can be purchased at the Pokemon Go Shop. These Incubators can be purchased with 200 PokeCoin at the Shop.

Super Incubator in Pokemon Go Shop

Additionally, Niantic, on occasion, will add Super Incubators as reward in Special Research Tasks. For example, the Riolu Hatch Day Special Research in July 2023 included a Super Incubator as a reward.

How Super Incubators work

Super Incubators reduce the distance required in order to hatch an Egg. Traditionally, one would have to walk the required distance — for example, two kilometers for a 2km Egg — in order to hatch an Egg. Super Incubators, though, make it easier to hatch one.

Here’s a breakdown of how much Super Incubators reduce the needed distance for Eggs.

Type of EggDistance required (km)Distance required (miles)
2km1.33 km0.83 miles
5km3.33 km2.07 miles
7km4.67 km2.90 miles
10km6.67 km4.14 miles

A .667 multiplier reduces the distance for Eggs inside a Super Incubator.

Special Incubators are destroyed after the third time it is used.

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