Pokemon Go players are going “insane” over Egg-locking feature amid hatching controversy

Eleni Thomas
Pokemon Go Egg Hatching Feature

Pokemon Go’s low Egg hatch rates coupled with Egg locking have players going “insane” over just how hard it has become to get their hands on certain Pokemon.

A large part of the Pokemon Go experience is trying to catch’ em all. The game offers monthly Research Tasks, events, and more to help encourage players to expand their Pokemon collection as well as catch some rare Shiny Pokemon.

In saying this, a key aspect of being able to expand your Pokemon collection comes from hatching Eggs. Hatching an Egg in Pokemon Go has always been a central aspect of the experience. For some Pokemon, the only way to unlock them and add them to your Pokedex is by hatching them from an egg. These particular examples are know as “egg-locked” Pokemon amongst the community.

The game encourages players to walk around, sometimes for long distances, to encourage their Eggs to hatch. Baby Pokemon that come from an Egg is often a rare type or a difficult-to-catch Pokemon.

However, the Egg hatching process has been under major fire in recent months, with the community often calling out developer Niantic for just how difficult it has become to hatch Eggs. 

Coupled with the fact that some Pokemon can only be acquired through Egg hatching, fans are becoming increasingly frustrated.

In a new Reddit thread, PoGo players described how “insane” they have been going due to the low Egg hatch rates plaguing the game after the initial poster revealed how they were “finally” able to get their hands on the Pokemon Varoom.

The poster also admitted that they only managed to get their Varoom after going through roughly 50 previous eggs.

“What’s driving me insane is that I STILL haven’t hatched a single Larvesta,” one player said. Another added, “I wish Niantic would stop egg-locking Pokemon.”

Recently, Pokemon Go researchers discovered that the Egg hatch rates for Larvesta is less than 1%. Egg hatch rates still very much an issue despite the community raising problems with the feature all the way back in 2019.

At the time of writing, Niantic is still yet to address the Egg hatching issue that is consuming the game. However, we’ll be sure to keep you updated when and if they do speak out.

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