How to get Ph.D. Pikachu in Pokemon Go

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Cosplay PHD Pikachu from the Pokemon anime

Pikachu is ready to publish its thesis, which means that it’s now possible for Pokemon Go players to encounter a Ph.D. Pikachu in Pokemon Go.

The concept of Cosplay Pikachu in the Pokemon franchise was codified in Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, even though Ash’s Pikachu had worn outfits many times before in the Pokemon anime.

The Cosplay Pikachu was a female Pikachu who could switch between different outfits that granted her new moves. In the case of Ph.D. Pikachu, it could use Electric Terrain, increasing the power of Electric-type moves.

Ph.D. Pikachu wears a lab coat and mortar board and has swirly patterns on its glasses. Those who want this professional ‘Mon on their team in Pokemon Go now have the chance to acquire one via the PokeStop Showcase feature.

PHD Pikachu in Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

How to get Ph.D. Pikachu in Pokemon Go

To encounter a Ph.D. Pikachu in Pokemon Go, you must have a Platinum Medal in PokeStop Showcase rankings. This means you need to have come first in 100 PokeStop Showcase rankings and earned the medal.

All you need to do to initiate the encounter is track down your Platinum Medal in the Showcase collection, giving you a meeting with the Ph.D. Pikachu.

Your old Pokestop Showcase Medals will also give you avatar rewards, as the Bronze Medal (10 wins) rewards the Pikachu, Ph.D. Headband, the Silver Medal (25 Wins): Pikachu, Ph.D. Glasses, and Gold Medal (50 Wins): Pikachu, Ph.D. Pose.

The introduction of Pikachu Ph.D. to Pokemon Go also comes alongside announcements regarding the future of the PokeStop Showcase feature. According to Niantic, PokeStop Showcases will be expanded, such as new versions restricting entrants to a single type of Pokemon.

That’s everything you need to know about encountering Ph.D Pikachu in Pokemon Go. Here are more guides to help you on your journey through the game.

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