How to change Pokemon nickname in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

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Gone off the name you gave your Pokemon? Here’s how to easily change your Pokemon’s nickname in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Some Trainers ignore the nickname function, but to others, it’s a beloved tool that allows them to personalize their Pokemon and let them stand out from the crowd. Some may use multiple versions of the same Pokemon, so allocating nicknames is a great way to keep track of them.

Therefore, knowing how to change a Pokemon’s nickname in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is something lots of players are going to want to know. This is especially important as their Pokedex grows.

Here’s how to change nicknames and make your Pokemon unique in the latest Pokemon remakes, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.


dialka and palkia in pokemon brilliant diamond shining pearl
You can rename any Pokemon that originate in your game – even the legendaries.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How to change your Pokemon’s nickname

To change your Pokemon’s nickname in either version, you’ll need to visit the Name Rater character in Eterna City. He’s a friendly bald fellow in a blue suit who can be found within the Eterna Condominiums, to the right of that city’s Poke Mart.

When you meet him, he’ll offer to rate the nickname of your Pokemon. Say yes and present to him the Pokemon whose name you’d like to change. He’ll comment and rate the nickname first, then he’ll offer you the option to change it.

Pokemon name rater
The Name Rater will offer to change your Pokemon’s nicknames.

Can any Pokemon get their nicknames changed?

Only Pokemon you’ve caught or bred yourself can be renamed by the Name Rater. Any that you’ve received in trades from other players must keep their original names.

Essentially, if the Pokemon originated in your game then it can get its nickname changed. However, it if originated on another player’s game then the name will be locked.

Be aware of this before trading any Pokemon that already have nicknames, or when receiving one that does.

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