How to beat 7-star Rillaboom Tera Raid: Best counters in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Jessica Filby
Rillaboom Pokemon S&V

A new 7-Star Tera Raid is landing in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, starring the powerful Rillaboom. Here are the best ways to take on its powerful moves and the best Pokemon to use when countering its attacks.

Rillaboom is the final piece of the puzzle, completing Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s recent addition of all the Galarian Starter Pokemon. As the others did too, Rillaboom will only be able to be caught by defeating it in the 7-Star Tera Raid and is limited to one per account.

So, when will Rillaboom appear in Scarlet & Violet’s Tera Raids, where can you find it, and what are the best counters to head into battle with? Here’s everything you need to know.


When will Rillaboom appear in Tera Raids?

The 7-star Rillaboom Tera Raids will begin on July 27 at 5 PM PT, which is 1 AM BST or 8 PM ET. The dates for the event are as follows:

  • July 27 – July 30
  • August 5 – August 5

Once the Tera Raid event ends, the only way you’ll be able to get a Rillaboom will be through trading or importing one from Pokemon Home, so it’s worth getting on this raid if you can.

Where to find the Rillaboom Tera Raid

pokemon sword shield rillaboom
Rillaboom will soon be coming to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

When the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Rillaboom Tera Raid event begins, you’ll be able to find the spots by looking for the Black Crystals shining on the map.

Head to these spots and the 7-Star Tera Raid will be there.

Rillaboom Raid Moveset & Type

The 7-Star Rillaboom will be a Normal Tera Type in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, making it weak to fighting-type moves. On top of this, Rillaboom is immune to Ghost-type attacks, although it has no resistance.

Rillaboom’s moveset has four moves, Wood Hammer, BoomburstHammer Arm, and Knock Off. It’s speculated that the Pokemon may also have Drum Beating but that’s not been confirmed yet. So keep an eye out as we’ll update this article if anything changes.

On top of this, Rillaboom has its Hidden Ability, otherwise known as Grassy Surge. So, during a battle, Rillaboom will apply Grassy Terrain to the battle for five turns.

PokemonMovesAbilityNatureTera Type
Wood Hammer — Boom Burst — Hammer Arm — Knock OffGrassy SurgeAdamant Normal

Best Annihilape build for Rillaboom Tera Raid

One of the best counters for the Rillaboom Tera Raid is by using Annihilape. It’s got an impressive Attack Stat, an excellent move pool, and is one of the best Fighting-types in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Using moves like Drain Punch, Bulk Up, and Close Combat, Annihilape can deal some pretty impressive damage all while tanking Rillabooms attacks and keeping you on the winning side of the battle.

PokemonLevelMovesHeld ItemAbilityNatureEVS & IVSTera Type
100Drain Punch — Bulk Up — Close CombatMetronomeDefiantAdamantHP, Atk & DefFighting

Best Chesnaught build for Rillaboom Tera Raid

Chesnaught is another great counter for the Rillaboon Terra Raid. After all, it was added to the game thanks to its own 7-Star Tera Raid, so it has to know what it’s doing!

Ultimately, along with Chesnaught’s high health and great Attack stat, Chesnaught is capable of holding its own against a tricky fight. On top of this, using its move Belly Drum, Chesnaught can deal some impressive blows to Rillaboom, along with its other moves, Drain Punch, Close Combat, and Hammer Arm to complement.

PokemonLevelMovesHeld ItemAbilityNatureEVS & IVSTera Type
100Belly Drum – Drain Punch — Close Combat — Hammer ArmShell BellBulletproofAdamantHP, Atk & DefFighting

Best Corviknight build for Rillaboom Tera Raid

Corviknight, a bulky and powerful Pokemon capable of putting up a distinct fight in the Rillaboom Tera Raid.

It’s got some great movesets from Body Press and Iron Defense which, when used together can only be described as entirely deadly. On top of this, it’s got some great moves to resist Rillaboon and provide an impactful defense keeping the battle going.

Corviknight is one of the bulkiest Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet because of its access to the deadly combo of Body Press and Iron Defense. In addition, Corviknight also resists Rillaboom’s moves and so it is excellent for defense.

PokemonLevelMovesHeld ItemAbilityNatureEVS & IVSTera Type
100Light Screen — Iron Defense — Body Press — RoostShell BellMirror ArmorImpishHP, Def, & Sp.Fighting

Best Koraidon build for Rillaboom Tera Raid

Koraidon is a version exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet so Violet players who don’t have one already will need to trade.

If you can overcome that setback, This Pokemon is a great play for this Tera Raid with its super effective typing and Legendary base stats. It has access to buffs, debuffs, self-heals, and a massive attack stat. It also doesn’t hurt that none of Rillaboom’s moves are super effective against it and it resists Grass-type attacks unless Terastallized.

The play with Koraidon is to make use of its signature Fighting-type move Collision Course which deals an extra 33% damage on top of its super effective and STAB damage. You can use Swords Dance to boost its already considerable damage and/or Screech to soften Rillaboom up. Lastly, Drain Punch keeps Koraidon in the fight.

PokemonLevelMovesHeld ItemAbilityNatureEVS & IVSTera Type
koraidon pokemon scarlet violet100Collision Course — Drain Punch — Swords Dance — ScreechBlack BeltOrichalcum PulseAdamantHP, Atk, & DefFighting

So there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about the Rillaboom 7-Star Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. While preparing your Pokemon for battle, take a look at some of our other handy Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guides and content:

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