How to beat 7-star Chesnaught Tera Raid: Best counters in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Philip Trahan
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This guide will tackle everything players need to know about the 7-star Chesnaught Tera Raid event, including the best ways to take on its powerful Grass and Fighting-type moves in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Following the recent trend of Starter Pokemon from past generations appearing in 7-star Tera Raids, Scarlet & Violet’s next event will feature Generation 6’s Grass/Fighting-type, Chesnaught.

However, since this is a Tera Raid, Chesnaught will have the Rock Tera-type, as opposed to its standard Grass/Fighting type combo. As such, trainers should be prepared to see Grass, Fighting, and Rock-type moves in this difficult raid event.

Thankfully, there are some solid counters that players can prepare before the May 12 event begins. Here’s everything players need to know about 7-star Chesnaught Tera Raids:


When will Chesnaught appear in Tera Raids?

The 7-star Chesnaught Tera Raids will begin on Friday, May 12. The dates for the event are as follows:

May 12 – May 14

May 19 May 21

Once the Tera Raids event concludes, the only way to obtain a Chesnaught will be through trading or importing one from Pokemon HOME, or if this particular Raid event returns in the future.

7-star Chesnaught moveset & Tera type

7-star Chesnaught will take on a Rock Tera Type, which will make it weak to Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water-type moves. While Rock-type Pokemon — and Chesnaught itself — are known for bulky Defenses, Rock is one of the types with the most weaknesses in the game.

That being said, it’s not the best idea to bring in Pokemon with single type combos, like Water, Ground, or Steel due to its possible moveset.

7-star Tera Raid Chesnaught has a wide variety of moves it can use to buff itself up and wipe out teams fast. Earthquake, Iron Defense, and Hammer Arm will likely prove to be devastating moves thanks to each of their unique attributes.

Additionally, Chesnaught is sporting Stone Edge which capitalizes on its Rock Tera Type. Though Stone Edge has 80% accuracy, it boasts a nasty 100 Power which means that when it does hit it will do some serious damage.

pokemon chesnaught icon100-Earthquake-
-Hammer Arm-
-Stone Edge-
-Wood Hammer-
-Iron Defense-
-Bulk Up-
Bullet ProofRandomRock

Best Annihilape offense Build for 7-star Tera Raids

For trainers who want to focus on attacking, this Annihilape build is the way to go. Annihilape’s Fighting/Ghost-type combo makes it resistant to Rock-type moves and completely immune to Fighting-type moves.

This build is fairly straightforward, and relies on Annihilape’s huge Attack stat to deal massive damage to Chesnaught. Drain Punch and the Shell Bell will help with survivability, while Bulk Up and Screech are excellent support options to get the edge on Chesnaught.

While Rage Fist won’t be super effective against Chesnaught, it will receive a STAB bonus thanks to Annihilape’s Ghost-typing. Additionally, this move powers up the more times a Pokemon has been hit and won’t reset if Annihilape is knocked out, which makes it a great option for Tera Raids.

100-Drain Punch-
-Bulk Up-
-Rage Fist-
Shell BellDefiantAdamantHP & AttackGhost

Best Appletun defense Build for 7-star Tera Raids

Next up, trainers who want a bulky Pokemon to tank hits and support the team should give Appletun a try. Appletun’s Grass/Dragon type combo will make it resist plenty of Chesnaught’s offensive options, and its stats will help it survive strong physical attacks.

Teaching Appletun Reflect is a great supporting option, since it affects the whole team. Giga Drain and the Shell Bell will help keep Appletun alive and deal solid damage, while Apple Acid will weaken Chesnaught even further.

100-Giga Drain-
-Iron Defense-
-Apple Acid-
Shell BellThick FatModestHP, Def, Sp. AtkGrass

Best Gholdengo offense Build for 7-star Tera Raids

Gholdengo is another solid offensive choice for the 7-star Chesnaught Tera Raid. In contrast to Annihilape, Gholdengo will focus on being a Special Attacker as opposed to a Physical Attacker.

This strategy mainly relies on boosting Gholdengo’s Special Attack with Nasty Plot and hitting Chesnaught with supereffective Steel-type moves like Flash Cannon.

Trainers can also include Steel Beam in Gholdengo’s moveset. While it may seem a bit redundant with Flash Cannon, Steel Beam has an incredible amount of power with 95% accuracy. Steel Beam will deal heavy damage back to Gholdengo, so players should opt for this move if they want to play riskier.

Finally, Metal Sound is an excellent support option to soften up Chesnaught even more to make Gholdengho and the rest of the team hit even harder.

100-Nasty Plot-
-Flash Cannon-
-Steel Beam-
-Metal Sound-
Shell BellGood as GoldModestHP & Sp. AtkSteel

Best Iron Leaves Electric Terrain Build for 7-star Tera Raids

Iron Leaves can also prove to be an effective option against 7-star Chesnaught, despite its version exclusivity. This Iron Leaves build mainly revolves around the use of Electric Terrain, which will help it tank a lot of Chesnaught’s hits.

To start, Iron Leaves wants to use Electric Terrain right away. This will consume its Electric Seed Held Item, which boosts its Defense in Electric Terrain, and cause Quark Drive Ability to activate.

Once Electric Terrain is in play, trainers can boost Iron Leaves’ Attack with Swords Dance or lower Chesnaught’s Defense with Leer. Once Iron Leaves is adequately boosted, unleash Leaf Blade to do massive damage to the Rock Tera Type Pokemon.

100-Electric Terrain-
-Swords Dance-
-Leaf Blade-
Electric SeedQuark DriveAdamantHP & AttackGrass

Those are just a few options to help take down 7-star Chesnaught in Tera Raids! Check out more Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides below:

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