Girafarig weaknesses in Pokemon & the best counters to defeat it

Girafarig appearing in Pokemon with its weaknessesThe Pokemon Company

If you’re wondering what Girafarig’s weaknesses are in games like Pokemon Go or Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, you’ll be able to beat it in no time at all with our list of the best counters.

The Normal/Psychic-type Girafarig first appeared in Pokemon Gold & Silver as part of the Johto region. It’s known in the Pokedex as the Long Neck Pokemon, and it doesn’t have any evolutions or pre-evolutions.

Whether you’re playing Pokemon Go or a mainline game like Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, you’ll need to know Girafarig’s weaknesses and the best counters in order to defeat it.

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Girafarig appearing in Pokemon Brilliant DiamondThe Pokemon Company
One of Gen 2’s most popular Pokemon is Girafarig.

Girafarig weaknesses in Pokemon

Girafarig is a Normal/Psychic-type Pokemon, which means it’s weak against the following attack types:

  • Bug
  • Dark

If you use Pokemon and moves that have these typings, you shouldn’t have too much trouble defeating Girafarig, regardless of whether you’re playing Pokemon Go or a mainline game.

Girafarig doesn’t have any double (4x damage) weaknesses – only regular weaknesses (2x damage).

Girafarig resistances in Pokemon

As a Normal/Psychic-type Pokemon, Girafarig is resistant to the following attack types:

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  • Ghost
  • Psychic

You should avoid using Pokemon and moves that have these typings when battling against Girafarig, as they won’t do much damage. Girafarig is also immune to Ghost-type attacks in mainline games.

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In Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, Girafarig has the hidden ability Sap Sipper which powers up its attack when hit with Grass-type attacks, so you should avoid using those as well.

Girafarig appearing in the Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company
With the right counters, defeating Girafarig is easy.

Best counters for Girafarig in Pokemon

These are some of the best counters you can use to defeat Girafarig in different Pokemon games:

Pokemon Best Moves
Weavile Snarl & Foul Play
Tyranitar Bite & Crunch
Absol Snarl & Payback
Houndoom Snarl & Foul Play
Scyther Fury Cutter & Bug Buzz
Heracross Struggle Bug & Mega Horn
Pinsir Bug Bite & X-Scissor
Honchkrow Snarl & Dark Pulse

While Girafarig is by no means the most powerful Pokemon you’ll ever encounter, having a team with the right counters to exploit its weaknesses will make defeating it much easier.

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