Bronzong weaknesses in Pokemon & the best counters to defeat it

Bronzong weaknesses

Is that pesky Bronzong giving you and your Pokemon a run for your money in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl or Pokemon Legends Arceus? Follow our list of Bronzong weaknesses, and you’ll be ready to defeat it like a pro trainer.

Bronzong is a dual-type Pokemon, carrying a Steel/Psychic combination. Bronzong first debuted in the Sinnoh region wilds of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for the Nintendo DS. The Pokedex categorizes Bronzong as the Bronze Bell Pokemon listed at #437.

This statue-esque Pokémon also evolves around the same time as starter Pokemon, evolving from Bronzor at level 33. 

So if you just purchased Pokemon Legends Arceus and you’re getting defeated by Alpha Bronzongs, or you’re struggling to defeat a trainer’s Bronzong in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, follow along to know how you can get the upper hand on Bronzong’s weaknesses. 

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Bronzong WeaknessesBronzong is defensive Pokemon with a ton of resistances, but it can be defeated.

Bronzong weaknesses in Pokemon

  • Ground 
  • Ghost 
  • Fire
  • Dark 

With Bronzong’s weaknesses being allotted to Ground, Ghost, Fire, and Dark, trainers should have an easy time taking this Pokemon down.

However, if you can’t find a Pokemon that consists of the four typings mentioned above, worry not. Instead, find a Pokemon with coverage consisting of the four typings, and you should be in good shape. 

Bronzong resistances in Pokemon 

Bronzong is a Steel/Psychic Pokemon, which comes with quite a few defensive perks. Bronzing is resistant to the following types:

  • Normal
  • Flying 
  • Rock
  • Steel 
  • Grass
  • Psychic
  • Ice
  • Dragon
  • Fairy 

Bronzong resists a whopping nine types, so be sure to steer clear of using Pokemon attacks of these typings. You won’t make much of a dent otherwise. 

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Bronzong also carries an immunity to Poison-type attacks in games like Pokemon Arceus Legends and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, so attempting to hit Bronzong with Poison Jab will have no effect at all. 

Bronzong Weaknesses Game Freak
Bronzong’s weaknesses can be easily exploited across a well-prepared team with attacks consisting of his four weaknesses.

Best Counters For Bronzong in Pokemon

Pokemon Attack
Alakazam Shadow Ball
Spiritomb Dark Pulse
Gengar Shadow Ball
Infernape Fire Punch
Rapidash Fire Blast

Bronzong can be interesting on the field of battle. While, yes, it could use the same type of attack boosted Psychic attack on Gengar and wipe him out, Gengar is more likely to outspeed and would be able to overpower it with a STAB-boosted Shadow Ball.

But, if you have a team consisting of Pokemon with an assortment of Fire, Ground, Dark, and Ghost-type moves, you will ultimately leave victorious. 

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