Best moveset for Bellibolt in Pokemon Go & is it any good?

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Here’s a look at the best moveset for Bellibolt in Pokemon Go, plus how well the Electric-type can hang in PvP play.

The Festival of Lights 2023 event in Pokemon Go brought two new Pokemon to the mobile game: Tadbulb and Bellibolt. Bellibolt is the evolution of Tadbulb.

With a new Pokemon in the fray, one might want to know how the Electric-type Pokemon can hang in the world of PvP.

For those who are curious about Bellibolt in Pokemon Go, here’s a look at the best moveset for it and whether it has any staying power in the meta.

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Bellibolt’s best moveset in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players should equip Bellibolt with Thunder Shock as its Fast Move, with Discharge and Zap Cannon as Charged Moves.

Bellibolt only has two Fast Moves to choose from and Thunder Shock is the clear pick. Not only does it have a better EPS, but it also benefits from the STAB bonus.

Now, Bellibolt can only choose from three different Charged Moves and all of them are Electric-type moves.

Discharge is a low-cost move that can wear down the opposition, while Zap Cannon is the move that can bring significant power.

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All moves Bellibolt can learn in Pokemon Go

Here’s an overview of all the moves that Bellibolt can learn in Pokemon Go:

Fast Moves

  • Thunder Shock (Electric)
  • Water Gun (Water)

Charged Moves

  • Discharge (Electric)
  • Zap Cannon (Electric)
  • Parabolic Charge (Electric)

Is Bellibolt any good?

Bellibolt is certainly not a bad option in PvP play. The Electric-type Pokemon has staying power in both the Great and Ultra League. However, it does play better in the Ultra.

As of November 2023, PvPoke ranked Bellibolt at #197 in the Great League. That put it well behind the meta within that particular subsection of online play.

However, Bellibolt ranked #67 in the Ultra League. What’s interesting about this rating is that not only does rank as one of the better Ultra League options, but it’s also one of the best Electric types in the circuit.

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Heliolisk and Zapdos do rank better but in a meta filled with Water and Flying-types, Bellibolt can do very well in the Master League.

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