All Gen 8 Pokemon & Galarian forms in Pokemon Go so far

Daniel Megarry
A poster of Gen 8 Pokemon and Galarian forms in Pokemon GO

Gen 8 Pokemon are slowly being released in Pokemon Go, but which creatures from Sword & Shield’s Galar region Pokedex are currently available? Let’s find out.

There are hundreds of Pokemon to catch in Niantic’s popular mobile app Pokemon Go, with new species being added to the game’s Pokedex all the time through limited-time events and Special Research stories.

Gen 8 features 96 new species, which mostly originate from Sword & Shield’s Galar region (including the DLC expansions The Crown Tundra and The Isle of Armor) but also the recently-released Legends Arceus.

Below, you’ll find all of the Gen 8 Pokemon currently available in Pokemon Go, as well as all of the Galarian forms that have made their debut in the game so far.


Pokemon Go Zacian Zamazenta

All Gen 8 Pokemon in the Pokemon Go Pokedex

Here are all of the Gen 8 Pokemon that have debuted in Pokemon Go so far:

Number Pokemon Sprite Type
819 Skwovet
820 Greedent
831 Wooloo
832 Dubwool
862 Obstagoon
Obstagoon in the Gen 8 Pokemon Go Pokedex
863 Perrserker
Perrserker in the Gen 8 Pokemon Go Pokedex
865 Sirfetch’d
Sirfetch'd in the Gen 8 Pokemon Go Pokedex
866 Mr Rime
Mr Rime in the Gen 8 Pokemon Go Pokedex
867 Runerigus
870 Falinks
888 Zacian
889 Zamazenta
893 Zarude
Zarude in the Gen 8 Pokemon Go Pokedex

As you can see from the table above, there are currently only 13 species from the Gen 8 Pokedex available to catch in Pokemon Go. More will be added in future events, so keep an eye out for them.

Some of these Pokemon can only be caught under certain circumstances, like Zaciana and Zamazenta which can only be caught as Raid Bosses, or the Mythical Zarude which is a Special Research reward.

All Galarian forms in the Pokemon Go Pokedex

Here are all of the Galarian forms that have debuted in Pokemon Go so far:

Pokedex Number Pokemon Type
52 Galarian Meowth Steel
77 Galarian Ponyta Psychic
78 Galarian Rapidash Psychic/Fairy
79 Galarian Slowpoke Psychic
80 Galarian Slowbro Poison/Psychic
83 Galarian Farfetch’d Fighting
110 Galarian Weezing Poison/Fairy
122 Galarian Mr Mime Psychic/Ice
199 Galarian Slowking Poison/Psychic
263 Galarian Zigzagoon Dark/Normal
264 Galarian Linoone Dark/Normal
554 Galarian Darumaka Ice
555 Galarian Darmanitan Ice
562 Galarian Yamask Ghost/Ground
618 Galarian Stunfisk Ground/Steel

As these are regional variants of existing Pokemon, they aren’t technically considered ‘new’ species in the Galar region. That’s why they’re listed under the same Pokedex number as their original forms.

Having said that, most of these Galarian forms will have alternate types and attacks to choose from, so you’ll need to pay attention to their differences before using them in PVP Battles or Raids.

That’s everything you need to know about the Gen 8 Pokemon in Pokemon Go! We’ll keep this list updated as more species make their debuts, so make sure you come back soon.

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