The Ultimate Overwatch Sigma Guide

Connor Knudsen
sigma overwatch guide

Sigma is Overwatch’s newest Tank hero and one that offers the complete package, offering interesting lore, a solid ability kit, and some phenomenal skins to boot. 

Playing Tank in Overwatch is a challenge, as you must rely on teammates a great deal to enable you to be the best version of your hero.

But, for Sigma, his kit offers the ability to be self-sufficient and fully capable to do a variety of things for a team. This guide will help you master the melody of Overwatch’s music-loving off-tank.


Overwatch Sigma lore

sigma gravitic flux
Sigma has a history with gravity and it shines through in his kit.

This is one astrophysicist you do not want to mess with, he’ll literally turn your world upside down.

Dr. Siebren de Kuiper, aka Sigma, was a groundbreaking scientist before his time in Overwatch, focusing on finding a way to harness the power of gravity itself. This quest for knowledge and power took a turn for the worst when, just for a brief moment, Sigma was exposed to the power of a black hole, causing him serious psychological damage and giving him his abilities he now possesses.

While in supervision at a secret government facility following the terrible incident, Talon, Overwatch’s resident group of villains, broke him out of the facility. Over time with Talon, Sigma got his powers of gravity under control, bringing him to the state players now know him in.

Sigma’s weapon

Sigma’s Hyperspheres are arguably the toughest projectile to master in the game. However, if you can get a knack for them, they can deal serious damage.


  • Arching projectile
  • Unlimited ammo with 2 projectiles per use
  • 3-meter area of effect damage radius
  • 55 direct damage
  • 9-30 splash damage
  • 2.25-7.5 self-damage
  • 22-meter max range

NOTE: Hyperspheres can be bounced off of any surface and have a slight downward arc.

Overwatch Sigma abilities

sigma shield
Sigma has a full arsenal of abilities to give the enemy team fits.

Sigma’s kit allows him to be played in a number of different comps, and as either a frontline tank or as a flanker.

  • Experimental Barrier
    • 700 health
    • 2-second cooldown when recalled, 5 seconds when deployed
    • Infinite range
    • Barrier regenerates 80 health per second once cooldown is triggered

NOTE: Sigma can deploy a shield, allowing him to control where he places it, within line of sight

  • Kinetic Grasp
    • 60% of damage absorbed is turned into shields
    • 12-second cooldown
    • 2-second duration
    • 3-meter max range

NOTE: Sigma creates an aura in front of him that converts incoming damage into shields — perfect to use when your shield goes down and there is damage incoming.

  • Accretion
    • 70 direct damage
    • 12-40 splash damage
    • 6-20 self-damage
    • 10-second cooldown
    • 0.8-second knockdown duration

NOTE: Sigma forms a rock-like projectile and hurls it at opponents, stunning and canceling abilities on impact. This is a great counter to many ultimates in-game.

  • Sigma Ultimate Ability: Gravitic Flux
    • 50 damage upon lift, 50% max HP dealt upon slam
    • 35-meter max range
    • 7-meter area of effect (circular)
    • 1.6-second total casting time

NOTE: Players will have 5 seconds after casting to initiate Sigma’s ultimate, which lifts enemies high in the air, holds them there for 2 seconds, then slams them down. This is a great tool to chunk down Tanks, as it deals 50% max HP on impact.

How to play Sigma: Overwatch tips

sigma hyperspheres
Sigma needs distance to be most effective but is otherwise very versatile.

Sigma can be used as a true Swiss army knife, despite him being Dutch. The one way not to use Sigma, however, is up close. He loses against Reinhardt at close range every time, so make sure to keep your distance from such foes.

His shield is what makes him so dynamic. It allows him to take an off-angle with a DPS hero to give the enemy team trouble, or he can fit in alongside another shield hero or even a Zarya in the frontline. His Kinetic Grasp is especially useful when playing that frontline role.

Look to get value out of his ultimate in two ways: 1) As a countermeasure against enemy ultimates or engagements. 2) Offensively against tanks or any enemy that is under 50% of their max HP. While Accretion is best used against squishier targets as a way to confirm kills or set up your DPS, his primary fire and ultimate can be used more generally.

Keep in mind that Sigma lacks mobility in a big way and has no utility to quickly escape a situation. So, think ahead when positioning yourself and always have an escape route planned, or else you may catch yourself in a black hole of pain, just as Sigma did long ago.

Overwatch Sigma skins

Name Tier Cost Skin
Sigma Roze Rare 75 sigma roze
Sigma Blauw Rare 75 Sigma blauw
Sigma Groen Rare 75 Sigma groen
Sigma Oranje Rare 75 Sigma oranje
Sigma Dr De Kuiper Epic 250 Sigma dr de kuiper
Sigma Talon Epic 250 Sigma talon
Sigma Asylum Legendary 1000 Sigma asylum
Sigma Subject Sigma Legendary 1000 Sigma subject sigma
Sigma Prophet Legendary 1000 Sigma prophet
Sigma Oracle Legendary 1000 Sigma oracle
Sigma Scuba Legendary 1000 Sigma scuba
Sigma Flying Dutchman Legendary 1000 Sigma flying dutchman
Sigma Rime Legendary 1000 Sigma rime

Sigma Overwatch 2 Changes

sigma overwatch
No news yet on Sigma’s appearance or ability changes in Overwatch 2.

Sigma will be getting changes made to him in Overwatch 2, however, right now nothing about his changes or any news about an updated appearance have been released.

Theories about new abilities have been tossed around by fans of the Dutch astrophysicist, some even pulling from other titles such as Titanfall.

What we do know is that Tanks, across the board, will be receiving major updates to accommodate for the switch from 6v6 to 5v5, that much has been confirmed by the Overwatch team.

Once more information on Sigma’s changes in Overwatch 2 are confirmed, we will update this article to reflect them.

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