Overwatch 2 just “broke” Sigma with wild Gravitic Flux ultimate buff

Michael Gwilliam
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Overwatch 2’s latest May 14 patch came with a buff to Sigma’s ultimate and players already think it “broke” the tank hero.

Tanks were the main targets for adjustments in the May 14 update with a slew of universal changes helping them survive through faster health recovery, decreased knockback, headshot damage decrease and some updates to specific heroes.

While Wrecking Ball and Junker Queen each received improvements, Sigma’s buffs have already started to cause a ruckus with some players convinced the devs made his Gravitic Flux ultimate too strong.

The patch notes state that the ability will “no longer require line of sight to the center of the effect”, with the devs justifying the decision because of the amount of counterplay Gravitic Flux has.

However, it may not be working as intended. And if it is working as intended, players aren’t exactly thrilled with the buffs, because they allow Sigma to lift enemies up even when they’re behind walls.

In a clip shared on X by OW2 content creator ‘Flats,’ the Twitch streamer was baffled when he tested out the changes in the practice range, realizing that Sigma could flank behind foes and hit them even when there’s a whole building blocking LoS.

“You’re f**king joking!” he exclaimed. “Oh no. Dude, this isn’t even an overdramatic training range clip. That’s just not good! Oh no!”

“Seriously though they did kinda break Sigma LOL,” he captioned the clip.

Users in the comments were equally as stunned, asking for Blizzard to release a hotfix for the hero while others were confused how such a buff made it through the testing period.

Some even began theorycrafting uses or the new ultimate, with one player pointing to first point on Shambali and cooking up a strategy to surprise the enemy team without counterplay.

So far, the devs have been silent on whether this Sigma buff is working as intended. If not, there is a chance the hero gets disabled until a fix can be implemented, just as we’ve seen with other characters affected by bugs or game-breaking glitches.