Animator creates mind-bending new Overwatch 2 Sigma ability

. 2 years ago
Sigma Overwatch 2 ability
Blizzard Entertainment

We still have next to no information about Overwatch 2 at all, but that hasn’t stopped one fan from coming up with their own idea for a fantastic new ability for Sigma.

Sigma was one of the last new heroes to be added to Overwatch, but he’s definitely cemented his place as a top tier tank among the game’s heroes since.

Every character will also be getting a fully customizable ability tree in the sequels new PvE mode, and animator extraordinaire Jupit decided that one of those abilities should let Sigma pick up and throw a car instead of just a plain old rock.

We do have to mention that Jupit isn’t associated with Blizzard (if we were Jeff though we’d consider giving them a call) but it’s so well done you’d be forgiven if you thought otherwise.

In the clip, Sigma lifts up the car before tossing it at a group of Talon soldiers, knocking all of them back. This would be difficult to implement in Overwatch in its current state, but who’s to say something like this couldn’t be an actual upgrade for his Accretion in the sequel?

Normally, the ability has Sigma throw a rock that’s able to damage and stun any enemy that it hits, so a potential upgrade could very well allow him to throw other items that have the potential to deal more damage and maybe even stun multiple opponents at once.

Again, even though this looks clean, it’s not an official Overwatch 2 asset, no matter how much we wish it was. The idea of throwing cars and other random objects at the opposing team does look like a ton of fun though.

Sigma Accretion
Blizzard Entertainment
If you can dodge a car, you can dodge a rock.

Sigma is one of the heroes we have absolutely no official Overwatch 2 information on either, what he’ll look like, ability options, none of that. This isn’t really a big surprise considering we don’t know much more about the sequel itself, besides a release date sometime in 2021.

Until we get more information it just seems like we’ll have to make do with Jupit and other fan’s interpretations of what we could see. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though since they’re pretty awesome, and that clip of Sigma throwing the car is almost hypnotizing the longer that you stare at it.

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