The Ultimate Overwatch Ana Guide

Lauren Bergin

Overwatch‘s resident support Ana Amari has become one of the title’s most beloved figures, but she’s a very different type of healer. Looking to tame the master sniper? We’ve got everything you need to know right here. 

While there’s a lot of lovable characters in the Overwatch universe, the former second-in-command of the iconic organization, Ana Amari, has become a fan favorite. The team’s oldest female member, she’s become a maternal figure to fans everywhere.

Throughout her time on the field, she’s picked up a whole host of tricks, though, and it makes mastering her very difficult. If you think you’ve got what it takes, we’ve got everything you need to know right here. From lore to abilities, skins to weapons, get ready to dive in.


Overwatch Ana lore

Ana Captain Amari Skin Overwatch
Ana’s got some pretty extensive history with the Overwatch team!

Ana’s journey began amid the Egyptian sands. One of the country’s most promising snipers, she was drafted into the military to protect the African dunes during the Omnic Crisis. Catching the eye of Jack Morrison (now Solider 76,) she was drafted into the first iteration of the Overwatch strike team.

As time moved on, she grew ever more ambitious. Unwilling to step away from combat into a leadership-focused role, she was gravely injured when during a Talon attack. Shot by former comrade Widowmaker, the sniper lost one of the things that made her great: her eye.

Presumed dead, she resurfaced years later to continue the battle against evil. Nicknamed ‘Shrike’ throughout Egypt and branded a terrorist, she’s put traded out her bullets for biotic agents which are the ammunition for her Biotic Rifle.

Mother to fellow Overwatch paragon, Pharah, Ana continues to keep her team safe from the backlines, using her skills to protect rather than attack.

Ana Weapon

As aforementioned, her once deadly sniper rifle has taken on a dual role. Equal parts deadly and protective, her Biotic Rifle shoots biotic shots that heal allies but damage enemies. Importantly, despite being a sniper style rifle, Ana cannot headshot.

  • Biotic Rifle
  • 12 rounds per clip
  • 1.5-second reload
  • Primary fire: Unscoped Mode
    • Healing/damaging linear projectile type
    • 70 damage
    • 70 healing
    • 1.25 shots per second
    • 130 m/s projectile speed
    • Lasts ~0.85 seconds
  • Secondary fire: Scoped Mode
    • 1.9 m/s movement speed
    • 70 damage
    • 70 healing
    • 1.25 shots per second
    • 0.25 scope in, 0.15 scope out
    • Lasts ~0.85 seconds

NOTE: Ana’s rifle shoots darts that can restore health to her allies or deal ongoing damage to her enemies. She can use the rifle’s scope to zoom in on targets and make highly accurate shots.

Overwatch Ana abilities

Overwatch Shrike Ana Amari Skin
Ana’s alter ego, Shrike, is on top of Egypt’s most wanted list.

For a lot of sniper mains, Ana might seem like a bonehead call. However, she plays very differently from sniper classes in other games, as the entire focus is on healing. If you fancy the idea of offensive support, she’s the one for you.

  • Sleep Dart
    • 5 damage
    • 60 m/s projectile speed
    • 0.3 second cast time
    • Lasts Up to 5.5 seconds
    • 12-second cooldown

NOTE: Ana fires a dart from her sidearm, rendering an enemy unconscious (though any damage will rouse them).

  • Biotic Grenade
    • 60 damage to enemies
    • 100 healing to allies
    • 100 healing on self
    • +50% healing to allies, or block healing to enemies
    • +50% healing on self
    • 30 m/s projectile speed
    • 4 m radius
    • Lasts 4 seconds
    • 10-second cooldown

NOTE: Ana tosses a biotic bomb that deals damage to enemies and heals allies in a small area of effect. Affected allies briefly receive increased healing from all sources, while enemies caught in the blast cannot be healed for a few moments.

  • Ana Ultimate Ability: Nano Boost
    • Ally-targeting hitscan ability type
    • 50% damage boost, 50% damage resistance
    • 40 m range
    • 250 healing on use
    • 0.2 sec cast
    • Lasts 8 seconds

NOTE: After Ana hits one of her allies with a combat boost, they deal more damage, and take less damage from the enemy’s attacks.

How to play Ana: tips

Ana crouching on Route 66 in Overwatch
Ana can be a pretty difficult hero to get to grips with.

As aforementioned, Ana is a pretty bizarre hero, after all, whoever saw a sniper being a support type? If you’re happy to stick to the back lines and cause havoc then Ana is for you, but equally, she’s not for the faint of heart.

The main tip we have is to remember Ana is a healer. Trying to play her like Widowmaker or Hanzo won’t work. Keep your eyes on low-health teammates, and make sure they’re your first priority. Your Biotic Grenades and shots should be saved for them unless you’re in danger.

Her sleep dart is also best used from further away. The tiny instrument of chaos has a pretty long cooldown, so only use it once you’ve lined up the perfect shot. It’s great for stopping fast-moving targets like D.VA or Reinhardt but can also work a charm on the likes of Roadhog. The perfect tool to interrupt, make sure you don’t waste it.

Finally, Ana’s ultimate also requires a bit of accuracy. You’re best dropping this on your main tank and DPS, as they can plunge forth into the fray with extra damage and resistance. Again, make sure you take your time and boost the right target, otherwise, you’ll have Nano’d a Mercy and that doesn’t exactly bode well.

Overwatch Ana Skins

Name Tier Cost Skin
Ana Citrine Rare 75 Overwatch Ana Citrine skin
Ana Garnet Rare 75 Overwatch Anan garnet skin
Ana Peridot Rare 75 Overwatch Ana peridot guide
Ana Turquoise Rare 75 Overwatch Ana Turquoise skin
Ana Merciful Epic 250 Overwatch Ana Merciful skin
Ana Shrike Epic 250 Overwatch ana Shrike skin
Ana Ghoul Epic 250 Overwatch Ana Ghoul skin
Ana Tal Epic 250 Overwatch Ana tal skin
Ana Wadjet Legendary 1,000 Overwatch Ana Wadjet skin
Ana Wasteland Legendary 1,000 Overwatch ana Wasteland skin
Ana Captain Amari Legendary 1,000 Overwatch Ana Captain Amari skin
Ana Horus Legendary 1,000 Overwatch Ana horus skin
Ana Cabana Legendary 1,000 overwatch ana cabana skin
Ana Corsair Legendary 1,000 Overwatch Ana corsair skin
Ana Pharaoh Legendary 1,000 Overwatch ana pharaoh skin
Ana Snow Owl Legendary 1,000 Overwatch Ana Snow Owl skin
Ana Sniper Legendary 1,000 Overwatch Ana sniper skin

Overwatch 2 Ana changes

So far we haven’t even caught a glimpse of the iconic healer in any of Overwatch 2’s promotional material, but considering the world needs saving yet again, we know Ana will be right in the midst of the fray.

As soon as any information on her involvement in the sequel drops, we’ll make sure this guide is updated.

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