The ultimate Overwatch Baptiste guide

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Baptiste has become one of the most powerful support heroes in Overwatch since his introduction, but there are a few things you just have to know to get the most out of this lifesaving hero, and you’ll find it all right here.

The Haitian healer’s become a fearsome foe for any team to face and is a common sight in Competitive at practically any rank in the game since he was introduced in March of 2019.

He’s not one of Overwatch’s original heroes, so even if you’ve played since launch you still might find getting the most out of him to be a bit tricky.

That’s where we come in, as this guide will help you master Baptiste’s unique healing, positioning, and most importantly the fabled Immortality Field, along with plenty more.


Baptiste can keep you alive, and look good doing it.

Overwatch Baptiste Lore

There’s no shortage of Baptiste lore, as shortly after he came out, the short story “What You Left Behind” by author Alyssa Wong was released along with the hero’s Homecoming limited time event that was the only chance to get his Combat Medic skin.

Apart from that, Jean-Baptiste Augustin was one of the millions of orphans from the Omnic Crisis. He joined the Caribbean Coalition’s Special Ops team before being recruited to infamous secret criminal organization Talon.

For the first time in his life Baptiste was living large, getting paid for easy missions, but as time went on the brutality of his team’s assignments increased and the medic realized he was perpetuating the same cycle of violence that had killed his parents, and destroyed the community he grew up in.

Talon, like most gangs or terrorist organizations, doesn’t exactly offer a generous severance package, shall we say, but all the assassins and agents that have been sent against him have never been seen again.

Despite this, Baptiste Now, works to better the world however he can, healing everywhere he can and fighting only when he must.

Remember when everyone thought Mauga would be Hero 32 and we’d get an awesome new Tank? Then Echo showed up…

Overwatch Baptiste Weapon

Baptiste is the literal embodiment of the “I’m a healer, but…” meme with a semi-auto SMG that’s primary fire is able to pick off unsuspecting enemies just as well as it’s secondary grenades are able to heal teammates.

This is the Biotic Launcher, and it operates differently than any other weapon in Overwatch. Once you get the feel for it down, you’ll be able to keep your team up and contribute some DPS of your own during those important pushes.

Biotic Launcher Primary Fire

  • Damage: Three-round-burst, 12 – 24 damage per round.
  • Falloff range: 25-45 meters
  • Rate of Fire: 1 burst per 0.58 seconds
  • Ammo: 45 (15 3-shot bursts)
  • Reload Time: 1.5 seconds
  • Headshot: Yes

Biotic Launcher Secondary (healing) Fire

  • Healing: 70 (direct hit), 50 (explosion)
  • Projectile speed: 60 meters per second
  • Area of effect: 3 meter radius
  • Rate of fire: 1 shot per 0.9 seconds
  • Ammo: 10
  • Reload time: 1.5 seconds — 0.95 seconds while continuously firing

Overwatch Baptiste Abilities

Baptiste uses Immortality Field on Paris
Immortality Field could be the best non-ultimate ability in Overwatch.

As a healer, Baptiste’s abilities obviously focus on keeping his teammates alive, but during a game you’ll want to rely mostly on his Biotic Launcher’s grenades for the lion’s share of your output, as Regenerative Burst isn’t exactly the most powerful out there.

Immortality field though, is one of the most game-changing non-ultimate abilities in Overwatch, as it prevents teammates from dying entirely as long as they’re within its area of effect.

Regenerative Burst

  • Healing: 15 per second (allies), 75 overall | 30 per second (self), 150 overall
  • Area of effect: 10 meter radius
  • Casting time: 0.3 seconds
  • Duration: 5 seconds
  • Cooldown: 13 seconds

Immortality Field

  • Health: 150
  • Healing: Any deficit from 10% HP
  • Projectile speed: 60 meters per second
  • Area of effect: 6.5 meter radius
  • Casting time: 0.8 second cast animation
  • Duration: 5 seconds (generator) | 5.5 seconds (field)
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds

Ultimate: Amplification Matrix

  • Damage: +100% damage amplified
  • Healing: +100% healing amplified
  • Max. range: 35 meters
  • Area of effect: 9×5 meter rectangle, with 1 meter beneath the ground
  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • Ultimate cost: 2310 points

How to play Baptiste: tips

Amplification Matrix is great for giving your team that extra oomph it needs for tough pushes.

A major tip to keep in mind when rolling Baptiste is that you can use his primary (DPS) and secondary (healing) fires at the same time, without having to switch back and forth between the two.

While Regenerative Burst isn’t super powerful, when used at the beginning of a fight it can do enough to keep teammates alive through the engagement, along with some selective healing grenades, of course.

Don’t ever forget about the Exo-Boots Passive either, which allows Baptiste to jump super high. This can let him get to areas other heroes can’t, to provide healing, get out of a fight, or both.

For Immortality Field, keep in mind you can toss the generator pretty far, and it follows the same trajectory as a healing grenade. If you’re brought up in the air during a Sigma ultimate for example, you can toss it on the ground below, and (hopefully) save your team from getting wiped.

Finally, Immortality field is great for pushing forward, either with the Payload, or to take a point with your team. Damage AND healing are both amplified, so if any of your teammates happen to go in front of the field, you’ll have no problems keeping them up.

Baptiste Skins

Name Tier Cost Skin
Common Base Free
Baptiste Ble Rare 75
Baptiste Vet Rare 75
Baptiste Wouj Rare 75
Baptiste Vyolet Rare 75
Baptiste Wasteland Epic 250
Baptiste Camouflage Epic 250
Baptiste Combat Medic Epic Only available during Baptiste Homecoming Challenge.
Baptiste Vampire Epic Weekly challenge reward during Halloween Terror 2019.
Baptiste Desert Ops Legendary 1000
Baptiste Spec Ops Legendary 1000
Baptiste Pirate Legendary 1000
Baptiste Buccaneer Legendary 1000
Baptiste Talon Legendary (Archives) 1000
Baptiste Tropical Legendary (Summer Games) 1000
Baptiste Funky Legendary (Anniversary) 1000

Overwatch 2 Baptiste Changes

As luck would have it, just a couple of days before we came out with this guide you’re reading right now, Blizzard revealed Baptiste’s never-before-seen makeover the hero will receive in Overwatch 2.

While we don’t know anything yet about new abilities or changes to the kit he already has, the new look does remind us of Mr. T thanks to that awesome mohawk. We can practically hear an “I pity the fool” voice line right now…

“I pity the fool who doesn’t stay inside my Immortality Field!”

Like we mentioned though, we will have to wait and see if Baptiste gets any new abilities or changes to his moves or abilities whenever the second Overwatch title comes out. But there’s no doubt he’ll continue to be a favorite for players who are tired of the same old style of healing.

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