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Overwatch fans are convinced a Genshin Impact crossover is coming

Published: 27/Dec/2021 10:52 Updated: 27/Dec/2021 13:38

by Lauren Bergin


Ever wondered what would happen if Overwatch met Genshin Impact? Players are convinced a crossover is coming, thanks to some new artwork from the developers.

For Genshin Impact players across the globe, Tevyat has become a home away from home. The anime-inspired universe continues to grow in popularity, with the 2.4 update set to be one of the biggest yet.

MiHoYo’s now-iconic title isn’t averse to crossovers, either, with Horizon: Zero Dawn and Horizon: Forbidden West‘s heroine extraordinaire, Aloy, joining the fray back in patch 2.1.

This opens up a whole realm of possibilities, and Overwatch’s community is convinced that a crossover is coming soon in the wake of some mysterious hints.


genshin impact horizon forbidden west crossover aloy cryo character with bow
Aloy has made it into Genshin Impact, but will we see the likes of Tracer or Widowmaker fighting alongside her?

Overwatch X Genshin Impact crossover?

As part of their Christmas celebrations, Overwatch released a new series of artworks showing a collection of fan-favorite heroes getting together to chill over the festive season.

One image features spunky English DPS, Tracer, receiving a gift from a mysterious blonde beauty. While many assumed this character was D.Va, some fans have drawn parallels to Genshin Impact.

The art style is very similar to the game’s splash art, featuring anime-style characters with bold, black outlines. Additionally, this mysterious woman bears a striking resemblance to Genshin’s Barbara, and Jean to a lesser extent.

“THE GENSHIN X OVERWATCH CROSSOVER OMG?” asks one excited fan, and they’ve firmly sowed the seed of hope within the Overwatch community.


“Glad I’m not the only one to find it sus that they both released Christmas art literally at the same time as each other,” writes one suspicious fan.

“I’ve always thought if Genshin x Overwatch happened, Hanzo and Genji would be good additions,” notes another.

Whether there’s any truth in this speculation remains to be seen, but as Genshin’s roster rapidly continues to expand, we may see some familiar faces take to the emerald pastures of Tevyat after all.