Do you need PS Plus to play Overwatch 2?

sombra posing in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 is centered around intense online multiplayer matches, but if you’re a PlayStation gamer, do you need PS Plus to be able to log on and access the title?

Online gaming is as alive as it’s ever been, and with games like Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 offering a free-to-play experience to all gamers, there is plenty of opportunity for players to get involved.

It can sometimes be hard to keep a track of the various services on offer though, what with PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass, Switch Online, and various other subscriptions floating around.

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In the case of Overwatch 2, plenty of players have been querying the status of its online service and if it requires PS Plus to enjoy.

wrecking ball cut scene in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Does Overwatch 2 need PS Plus to play on PlayStation?

Thankfully, PlayStation users do not need to have PlayStation Plus if they wish to play Overwatch 2. It’s completely free to play in every sense of the word and you don’t need any of the tiered memberships levels to play it.

Each game and developer is different when it comes to the terms of their online multiplayer, but Blizzard clearly sees the benefit of making Overwatch 2 as accessible to all PS gamers as possible.

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With the game utilizing the free-to-play system, the game’s primary moneymaking comes from cosmetics and bundles, so the more people playing, the more people can be paying.

There is a small chance that Blizzard reneges on this policy and opts to change things down the line, but this scenario seems very unlikely.

If this guide on Overwatch 2 and PS Plus was a big help to you, then you should check out our guides we’ve put together for the game as there should be something to help you out:

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