Dafran makes new Overwatch 2 account just to flex as battle Mercy torments everyone

Eleni Thomas
Dafran Mercy OW2 header

Former Overwatch pro player Dafran showed off some impressive skills in his recent Overwatch 2 stream, with the gamer essentially bringing down the whole other team using the support hero Mercy.

While many typically think of the support role as one that simply helps the tanks and other heavy hitters lay on the damage and avoid death, every now and then expert Overwatch 2 player love to show off just how effective support can be in a gunfight as well.

During a recent Twitch stream, the former Overwatch pro Dafran showed off his skills, essentially bringing down the whole other team using the support hero Mercy.

Dafran takes down whole team with Mercy pistol in Overwatch 2

In the clip, Dafran can be seen bouncing around the map, wielding Mercy’s signature pistol. In a short amount of time, he manages to get a triple kill with the gun before making sure he then heals the rest of his teammates before the opposition respawns and comes back for their next wave of attack.

While this was all going on, Dafran’s chat can be seen hyping him up, with many commenting on their excitement at his impressive display while also acknowledging just how hard it is to solo a whole team using only Mercy’s pistol.

When it does come to supporting characters, Mercy does hold a special place in the heart of Overwatch fans. Recently, the community has been calling on the dev team to bring back the character’s pink skin, a limited-time customization that was created in the original Overwatch as a way to help raise money for charity.

Pink Mercy was a special limited-time skin that players could only acquire through a $15 donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The skin was only available from May 8-21 of 2018, and players have been unable to get their hands on it since, despite it being one of the most popular ever designed.

However, the OW2 devs have been pretty open and honest about the likelihood of this coming back is low, even mocking their community for asking them to bring back pink Mercy.

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