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New World update 1.1 patch notes: Void Gauntlet, new quests & enemies, weapon updates

Published: 18/Nov/2021 17:13

by Connor Knudsen


New World’s 1.1 patch notes are live, with a massive amount of new content coming which includes the new Void Gauntlet weapon, new quests & enemies, weapon updates, and so much more. Here’s everything you can expect.

New World devs have been busy since the game’s September 2021 release, trying to get a hold on all of the game’s many exploits and bugs.

Earlier in November, the dev team teased a massive update to the game that they hoped would quash many of its most persistent issues and implement some sweeping upgrades to the game as a whole.

Those patch notes are finally here, and it appears that devs have delivered on their promise. These are some incredibly lengthy notes, full of some very exciting changes coming to New World.


New World update 1.1 release date and download size

new world void gauntlet
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Into the Void update 1.1 is New World’s biggest update yet.

According to a New World dev post, the Into the Void update 1.1 will be hitting live servers on November 18. The update is 7.91 GB, but when you see the full notes it will be abundantly clear why.

This is the largest update to New World since its release, both in terms of update size and content.

The Void Gauntlet comes to New World

The game’s 12th weapon, the Void Gauntlet, makes its way to live servers from the PTR in this update.

The weapon uses Intelligence and Focus to provide a unique combination of healing and DPS, with tons of utility that should make it very interesting to use.


Players should start receiving Void Gauntlets with random drops just the same as other weapons and should be able to craft them normally as well. This could make them a premium on the Trading Post market early on.

New World update 1.1: new enemies, quests, weapon updates, faster travel on roads

Varangian knight new world
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The Varangian Knights have officially arrived in Aeternum.

Players will now encounter a new enemy, the Varangian Knights, who appear to be decked out in full armor and about as menacing as they come.

These will likely be encountered in the new quests coming to the game, both in PvP and PvE capacities. Update 1.1 adds three new PvP quests called Control Points, Intercept, and War Camp Loot, while a couple of the main storyline quests are being overhauled as well.


Weapon updates are thorough and can be seen below in their entirety. But, players should generally expect a stronger War Hammer, Spear, and Musket and an overall weaker Life Staff, Fire Staff, and Ice Gauntlet moving forward.

Oh, and did we mention that players will now also move 10% faster when running on roads? Small things like that, Trading Posts being linked, and the over 100 bug fixes somehow have managed to fly under the radar due to the sheer volume of these notes.

new world monster
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New World takes a big step forward with these changes and devs deserve some rest!

Due to their volume, the full notes will not be written out in full below. Instead, we encourage readers interested in checking them out in full to head to the New World website to see the full Into the Void patch notes.


Make sure you sit down before heading over, though, as these are some seriously extensive notes.