New World devs promise combat upgrades in upcoming patch

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new world combat

New World continues to roll out updates to patch the game’s many bugs. This time, taking aim at combat upgrades.

The Amazon Games MMO, New World, has had its fair share of issues since its September 2021 launch. These have included problems with PvP, gold exploits, and a litany of other small issues.

But, devs have been quick to address many of the game’s major issues, delivering a litany of patches and fixes that will continue throughout the month of November.

This will include major fixes to the game’s combat, which should prove to make switching weapons more reliable and combat feel more stable overall.

New World combat responsiveness, dodge cancels & weapon swapping fixes

New World resource gathering
Weapon swapping is vital in New World… when it works.

In a November 8 post to the Developer Corner, Amazon Games devs wrote about a few of the different fixes to combat they’re looking to address alongside the previously announced November update.

This will focus on, “weapon swapping, dodge cancels, and attack input windows” according to the post.

Weapon swapping, in particular, is one that many players have seen firsthand becoming a problem. Hot and cold, players are either able to abuse this and swap too quickly (we see you Fire Staff exploiters) or they aren’t able to get weapons swapped when they need to. Luckily, it looks like devs will be addressing this.

“We are currently working on weapon swap responsiveness and making sure that it is more consistent throughout all of our attacks, as we want swapping weapons to be an integral and fluid part of combat. There are many times that you think you’ve swapped weapons, but you end up attacking with the currently equipped weapon instead. We are working to fix these situations and expand when you are able to swap your weapon.”

new world war
Combat should feel a whole lot more fluid after this update rolls out.

The goal for dodge cancels and attack input windows, on the other hand, is consistency. “There are some inconsistencies that are not intended. For example, you are able to dodge cancel out of some recoveries, but not others, and you are able to perform heavy attacks out of the recoveries of some abilities but not all abilities. Our goal is to make sure there are consistent input windows between all weapons and abilities.”

To close out the post, devs also revealed the exciting news that some of the underused abilities will be tuned and presumably buffed throughout the month of November. This is sure to shake up which weapons are currently best for PvP and PvE and should help some lesser-used weapons get some more love throughout Aeternum.

We will continue to provide updates as these patches begin to roll out or new updates are announced. Stay tuned for more on Dexerto’s New World hub!

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