Best New World Spear build: Skills, Mastery tree, passives, more

Connor Knudsen
new world spear

If you love to chop down enemies and deal solid damage, then you’re going to want the best New World Spear build you can possibly manage. We’re here to help you get started heading in the right direction.

New World’s 11 weapons make up the game’s classes and are one of the things that differentiate it most from other MMOs out there.

While some are a bit better than others overall, each weapon has its own set of offerings that can make it valuable throughout a player’s journey through Aeternum.

The Spear offers about as much crowd control and zoning as a player could possibly want, with some impressive damage to boot, as long as you know what skills and passives to keep an eye out for on the weapon’s Mastery Trees.


New World Spear build

new world spear
The Spear can be a great tool for both PvP and PvE.

The Spear is one of the best crowd control weapons in New World, as well as being more than capable of dishing out some solid damage. 

Benefitting from the Dexterity attribute, the Spear is a weapon that rewards players for being nimble and able to keep enemies from hitting them too often. The weapon has multiple abilities that can do an incredible job to keep foes away from you and even knock them flat on their backs.

This style plays well alongside the Bow/Musket if you prefer to keep at a distance but could also be used with the Rapier for a full Dexterity close-range build. Some have even suggested using it alongside the Life Staff because of how well it can get enemies away from you.

However you choose to pair it, you’ll first need to understand the weapon’s Mastery Trees in order to get the most crowd control for your buck.

Spear Mastery Trees

The two Spear Mastery Trees are Zoner and Impaler, each doing about what it sounds like they would do.

While each has its own specialties, mixing and matching abilities and passives from these trees can take your Spear build to the next level.

Mastery Tree Description
Zoner The Zoner Mastery Tree specializes in crowd control and creating space for a player to operate. It also includes the weapon’s only long-range ability.
Impaler The Impaler Mastery Tree is about damage output and applying debuffs to your targets, but offers a bit of crowd control in its own right.

Best Spear skills

new world spear mastery trees
The Spear’s Mastery Trees offer a lot of great options for players to choose from.


Skill Description
Cyclone Spin attack that deals 110% weapon damage, pushes targets back 3 meters and applies 50% Slow for 3 seconds.
Sweep Sweep the target’s legs, dealing 75% weapon damage and knocking them down.
Vault Kick Use your spear to vault forward and kick your target, dealing 75% weapon damage. Applies Stun for 1.5 seconds.

Taunt Gem Compatible: If you have a Carnelian gem equipped in your spear, This ability causes a 2-second taunt when it hits.

  • Cyclone: This is your best friend amid heavy waves of mobs or times where you just need to get someone off you quickly. While its stun isn’t as impressive as some others, the 50% Slow will allow you to get away to heal or prep a projectile weapon.
  • Sweep: One of the most brutal stuns in the game, Sweep is a must for Spear users. This is great to use mid-fight when you’re sensing an enemy about to charge up for a heavy attack, or just when you need some quick space.
  • Vault Kick: This one could be switched for Javelin if you wanted the range, however, this is another great crowd control move and a perfect way to open up a fight. Chaining this with the other two abilities can almost permanently debuff and stun most enemies.

Best Spear passives

Players will want their Spear passives to help assist in getting extra damage while the skills up above take care of the crowd control.

To do that, we suggest using Merciless Strength, Exacerbating Crits, and Deadly Reach. All of these should help keep you putting out high-damage crits, and really punishing those knocked down targets.

  • Merciless Strength: +25% damage against knocked-down targets.
  • Exacerbating Crits: Critical Hits extend the duration of your Spear debuffs and damage over time effects by 20%.
  • Deadly Reach: +10% Critical Chance on attacks against targets that are 3+ meters away.

You’re now all set to begin leveling up and making the best Spear build in all of New World. Don’t forget about the game’s Respec feature which allows you to reset Mastery Tree points for free until mastery level 10.

If you’re looking for a weapon to pair with the Spear, be sure and check out our other build guides!

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