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New World PTR data mine reveals new desert area, weapon changes & expeditions

Published: 11/Nov/2021 18:58

by Connor Knudsen


A New World PTR data mine has revealed a number of exciting new additions that are presumably coming to the game soon, including a whole new area and two new Expeditions.

As a part of a massive series of November updates, New World released a PTR for players to test out the game’s new Void Gauntlet weapon, as well as several other exciting new updates.

In addition to all of the things players have already experienced in the test server, data miners have found even more that’s potentially on the way.

From the looks of it, this includes a new desert area called Brimstone Sands, two new Expeditions, weapon updates, a new enemy, and some increased measures to combat cheating.


New World PTR data mine: Brimstone Sands images

new world brimstone sands
Reddit user TheArkship / Amazon Games
A first look at the upcoming Brimstone Sands area in New World, according to a data mine.

According to several posts to the New World subreddit, data mines have revealed a series of exciting new additions to the game.

Chief among these is a new desert-themed area called Brimstone Sands and two new Expeditions called Isabella’s Lair and Eridanus Cavers.

Reddit user TheArkship data mined images rendered of Brimstone Sands, showing off an impressive-looking city, some mysterious landmarks, and an overall desert aesthetic that will be new to the Amazon Games MMO.

New World PTR data mine: Weapon balances, new PvP missions, & more

Along with Brimstone Sands and the aforementioned Expeditions, data miners have also pinpointed some other big changes that could be on the way.

In terms of weapon balancing, it looks like Blunderbuss will have new weapon effects, and some of the Musket’s cooldowns are getting some buffs to make them come online faster. It also looks like the Bow, Rapier, Hatchet, and War Hammer are receiving some buffs, while Life Staff and Ice Gauntlet are getting slightly nerfed.


New PvP missions also appear to be on the way where, according to the OP, players will, “Kill and Acquire Items, search chests, hunt {targetName}, chests at warcamp, kill with weapon, capture fort, assassinate elites.”

Here are some other major points from the data mine, with the full post embedded just below.

  • Increased XP for all trade skills
  • No longer able to place camps in invasions
  • A number of new emotes coming to the store
  • Potential Daily login rewards
  • A new Yeti enemy

These data mined changes, along with the already added new Void Gauntlet weapon, enemies, quests, and faction missions, look to make for a jam-packed future for the MMO.

However, we encourage readers to keep in mind that these are data mines taken from a test server, so there’s no guarantee that they will make it to the official build in their original form, if at all.


As more official news comes to light regarding these supposed additions, we will be sure to provide updates, so stay tuned!