Best New World War Hammer build: Skills, Mastery tree, passives, more

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Few weapons in New World hit quite as hard as the War Hammer. But, to get the best out of the mighty gavel, check out our favorite skills and passives that lead to the best New World War Hammer build.

New World, the Amazon Games MMO, utilizes a classless character builder which relies on players scaling up their weapons to subsidize classes.

The game offers 10+ weapons to choose from, some better than others, that utilize each of the game’s different Attributes to help them scale in damage.

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For those wanting to be bulky, hammer-swinging Strength users here is everything you’ll need to make the best War Hammer build in all of Aeternum.


New World War Hammer build

new world war hammerAmazon Games
War Hammer users are some of the toughest to take down in all of Aeternum.

The War Hammer is one of the premiere crowd control weapons, but can also dish out a lot of solid damage thanks to its impressive abilities.

Players will want to scale their Strength attribute when leveling up to get the most damage out of the War Hammer. Oftentimes people will pair this weapon with another that uses Strength, in order to get the most bang for your buck. We like this paired with the Hatchet or Great Axe especially.

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The hammer gets a ton of value out of stunning and debuffing enemies, allowing for players to capitalize on the extra time not taking damage. War Hammer users are also frequently tankier than others, using Constitution as a secondary Attribute.

But, to get the most out of this build, it’s important to understand each of the Mastery Trees’ purposes and which skills and passives are best combined.

War Hammer Mastery Trees

The two War Hammer Mastery Trees are Juggernaut and Crowd Crusher. While one packs a mighty punch, the other can take care of huge mobs in a flash.

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Mixing and matching skills and passives from these trees is crucial to perfecting your War Hammer build.

Mastery Tree Description
Juggernaut The Juggernaut Mastery Tree is all about single target damage output, meaning its great at taking down large targets.
Crowd Crusher The Crowd Crusher Mastery Tree specializes in crowd control and clearing out space to better operate. This tree has more debuffs than Juggernaut.

Best War Hammer skills

The War Hammer's Mastery TreeAmazon Games
The War Hammer’s Mastery Trees give players a lot of room to explore different builds.
Skill Description
Mighty Gavel An overhead leaping attack that crushes down on enemies dealing 160% weapon damage.
Wrecking Ball Strike the ground around a target with Hammer dealing 120% weapon damage and flattening enemy.
Shockwave Slam the Hammer into the ground causing a 3-meter radius AOE earthquake that deals 80% weapon damage. Applies Stun to all impacted targets for 2 seconds.
  • Mighty Gavel: At any point in New World, having an ability purely focused on high damage output can be a great asset, and that’s just what Mighty Gavel is for the War Hammer.
  • Wrecking Ball: Hitting on both damage and stun, Wrecking Ball is a great tool to give just yourself some time to breathe while still keeping pressure on with damage.
  • Shockwave: Just as damage can be crucial, so can crowd control. Shockwave does an excellent job at backing enemies away, perfect for when those Corrupted portals or Expeditions get too overwhelming.

Best War Hammer passives

War Hammer passives are best suited to keep players hitting hard, longer. The weapon already has a lot of great tools to do damage and stun, but players need to stay alive and hardy to keep pumping out that DPS.

To best do this, we recommend Hardened Steel, Prevailing Spirit, and Power Through Pain.

  • Hardened Steel: Adds Grit to Hammer Heavy Attacks, and grants a 20% damage reduction while the Heavy attack Grit is active.
  • Prevailing Spirit: Regain 35% of damage dealt as Health when using a Crowd Crusher ability.
  • Power Through Pain: For 1 second after taking damage, deal 35% extra damage.

Get ready, it’s now officially Hammer Time in New World. Remember to try out multiple different iterations using the game’s Respec feature which allows you to reset Mastery Tree points for free until mastery level 10.

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If you’re looking for a second weapon to pair with the War Hammer, check out our other weapon build guides!

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