New World player drop causes AI demons to take over the map

Lloyd Coombes
New World Corrupted Portal screenshot
Amazon Games

Amazon’s New World MMO is still in Steam’s top 5 most-played games, but the way it places players in servers is leading to the AI winning many of its faction battles.

New World may need some tweaks in order to compete with MMO mainstays like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy 14, but the game clearly has an audience. According to Steam Charts, it remains the fifth most popular game on Valve’s platform – over a month on from launch.

Sadly, though, it’s not all rosy. While the game still has an impressive 114,805 players online at present, it’s struggling to keep its servers up to the 2,000 player limit. That limit was intended to ensure that there would always be a healthy number of players to partake in the game’s faction system, but it now appears that the game’s AI is taking over its servers due to players leaving.

New World AI enemies are winning the game after players leave the game

New World Faction pvp image
Amazon Games
PvP in New World is becoming PvE on many servers