New World reveals new Public Test Realm (PTR): All new changes in early testing

new-world-void-gauntlet-ptrAmazon Games

In an effort to get more feedback from players and give them a chance to get an early look at upcoming features, Amazon Games announced the New World Public Test Realm (PTR). Here’s everything you need to know.

New World is still going strong despite the player base being in a slow decline.

With the developers working hard to fix the game’s issues, they’re adding a system to keep new changes coming: the New World Public Test Realm (PTR).

The idea is that it will give players a chance to provide more feedback and test out upcoming features, including new enemy types, quests, and more.

New World Public Test Realm (PTR) announced

The New World Public Test Realm (PTR) is described as a “limited-availability server-set that will give players an early look at upcoming features.”

It’s also a way for the developers to get feedback on new content before it goes live.

To make that process easier, players will be able to instantly level their characters to certain levels, complete with gear and items. The servers will be shut down and wiped clean after a testing period is over.

It’s available to everyone who owns a copy of New World. You can find the New World Public Test Realm (PTR) application in your Steam library.

new world musketAmazon Games
The New World PTR is a way for players to test new content before it goes live.

What’s coming in New World’s first PTR update?

New Weapon: Void Gauntlet

The first piece of new content confirmed in the PTR is the Void Gauntlet.

It’s a magical weapon that allows players to “manipulate the powers of the void to support allies and debilitate enemies.” It’s also the first one to scale with both Intelligence and Focus.

Its abilities are divided into two trees; Annihilation and Decay. The former focuses on dealing close-range damage using a summoned blade. The latter is more focused on casting heals and debuffs from range.

new-world-void-gauntlet-ptrAmazon Games
The Void Gauntlet is a brand new weapon being trialed in the PTR.

New Missions and Mobs

It’s not all about the new weapon. The New World Public Test Realm (PTR) will also give players a chance to test out the following bits and pieces:

  • New Enemies
  • New Enemy Quests
  • New Legendary Weapon Quest
  • Improved Main Storyline Quests
  • New PvP Faction Missions
    • Control Points
    • Intercept
    • War Camp loot
new-world-void-gauntlet-ptrAmazon Games
New World players will also have the opportunity to test new enemies, quests, missions, and more.

New Trading Post Experience

Last but not least, the developers are trailing unified trading posts. That means players can buy and sell the same goods from all trading posts in the world, regardless of their location. Fees are still based on the settlement you’re in.

New World Public Test Realm (PTR) release date

The New World Public Test Realm (PTR) servers go live for the first time on Wednesday, November 10, at 12 PM PT (7 PM UTC).

Initially, there will only be two servers available — one in US East and one in Central Europe. However, more could follow down the road.