Asmongold praises New World devs for “doing their best” to meet expectations

. 8 months ago
Twitch: Asmongold / Amazon Games

Asmongold praised New World’s development team for “doing their absolute best” to fix the game’s many issues and get it up to scratch, claiming they’ve improved “a massive amount of things.”

New World players have encountered many issues since the game launched in September 2021, including gold exploits that effectively broke the economy, and more.

It’s caused the player base to decline.

The developers fixed some of those issues in New World update 1.0.5, which the community has dubbed a game-saving patch. However, they want them to keep going, and the developers promised they would.

Their efforts have earned them lots of praise; not only from the community, but also from some of its most dedicated players. Asmongold, who is often brutally honest, praised them too.

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Amazon Games
Amazon Games have ramped up their efforts to iron out New World’s issues.

Asmon kicked off his New World review by saying that although he thinks the game is in a “terrible state,” he believes it has a “great foundation”.

Then, he praised the developers for their efforts to fix its issues.

“I think the New World developers, throughout the course of the month or so the game’s been live, have actually improved a massive amount of things that the player base has wanted to see,” he said.

“Not only have they improved those things, but they’ve also addressed them in an honest and candid way.” He even claimed they have communicated more with New World’s player base than “every other MMO put together.”

“Final Fantasy hasn’t needed to do that because there haven’t been bugs in its game every f**king day,” he added.

“However, I do think that the New World team has done their absolute best to try and meet the player’s expectations.”

Some of the things the developers are actively working on include rolling out server merges to fix issues in low-population servers, reworking some elements of PvP, and more.

It’s been a rocky road for both the developers and the player base so far. However, there is a lot of optimism moving forward — including from Amazon Founder and Executive Chairman Jeff Bezos.

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