Asmongold claims WoW’s Plunderstorm battle royale needs one major change

Josh Taylor
Asmongold streaming on Twitch.

Asmongold has called for the World of Warcraft developers to make one huge change to its new battle royale mode Plunderstorm.

During his Twitch stream on March 20, the streamer loaded up WoW Plunderstorm and played the new battle royale mode for the first time.

Asmongold’s first impressions were overwhelmingly positive: “I’m going to be honest guys I think it’s good.” As the streamer continued to praise the game the longer he played: “I think obviously, it needs a lot of work. Of course, it needs a lot of work. This is, what an insanely good like day one though. This is a crazy day one.”

However, he did call for the devs to make one major change to Plunderstorm: “I think that they should make it free in order to get like all the random players to try it out. Right now, this is only appealing to WoW players, because this is only for people who are already playing WoW.”

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His viewers were quick to agree. One stated that it was a “massive fumble not making this free to play,” as many echoed in agreement that making Plunderstorm F2P would encourage more players to try WoW.

Others weren’t as convinced and disagreed. “Problem with making stuff F2P is the rise of the cheaters. Look at how many cheaters come to free games. It just ruins the experience. Do they come if they have to pay? Of course they do but it’s way less,” a player argued.

Making battle royale games free has been the trend ever since Fortnite quickly garnered worldwide success and then Call of Duty’s Warzone followed the pattern. However, the main ongoing issue with these games has been the constant safeguarding from cheaters ruining matches.

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