Shroud loves New World “slot machine” endgame despite content drought

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Shroud has shown time and again that he loves New World. In fact, he thinks its repetitiveness is a bit like a casino, with the endgame acting like a “slot machine” that he just can’t stop playing.

New World has its fair share of critics, but it also has its adamant fans. A lot of them, in fact.

Shroud has oftentimes found himself to be a fan of the Amazon Games MMO, recently praising devs hard work. But he has also shown to be keenly aware that the game is not in the place it needs to be yet. All in all, the popular streamer is keen on the game’s potential.

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The game is currently suffering from different exploits and bugs that have many players leaving but Shroud has found, what some might call, New World’s repetitive endgame to actually be more of a “slot machine” which offers a different kind of entertainment value.

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New World’s endgame is all about gear perk and gear score rolling, which can be addicting for some.

While some in his chat felt a bit dissatisfied with the endgame content, shroud had a different perspective that he shared during a November 9 Twitch stream.

“I think the endgame is fun, but it’s fun in a different way,” he explained. “The endgame is a slot machine… do the same thing over and over and over again, and hope something good happens. I think it’s really fun because I love gambling.”

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While many in the game’s community have asked for more endgame content, shroud clearly doesn’t seem to mind since he found his own way to appreciate Aeternum’s late-game grind.

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In the same stream, just before that clip, the streamer went on about the potential he sees in the game.

“This game is going to be f****** incredible,” shroud said. “I’m just envisioning and imagining the things [the devs] can do.”

While it’s clear that New World is doing a lot right already, it’s also equally clear just how much the game needs to go to reach its full potential.

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There’s a chance that the game will remedy many of its issues thanks to the numerous patches coming out in November set to update PvP, combat responsiveness, and much more.

With server mergers coming, AGS will be working to retain more players like shroud while giving players who’ve left a reason to come back.

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